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Full Version: Another mass shooting, and still no one does anything.
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...than military personnel killed in war zones.

[Image: b29a7f0a5b3225675627f627ae60a136.png]

And still America does nothing.

Look, more dead people. Trump sends his thoughts and prayers, and America does nothing.

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Nothing will be done until there can be some compromise on the second amendment.

(07-31-2018, 01:01 AM)Andrew Jef Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-30-2018, 09:49 AM)crazyfamily Wrote: [ -> ]Nothing will be done until there can be some compromise on the second amendment.


Please tell us your proposed idea(s) for "some compromise on the second
amendment". Thanks in advance.

What's the point? It will NEVER happen. Conservatives would rather put their own children at risk than compromise with democrats.

Talking about restricting some types of guns/ammo, or collecting data is like taking drugs from an addict who has a constitutional right to be an addict. Addiction to guns expressed as hyper sensitivity to gun control is a disease just like drug addiction.

Look at this timely article...

[Image: 6a75b241522716769742e32e77f08c23.png]

I read the article, and like the headline says, apparently not one republican has a problem with this. Sure, undetectable guns have been illegal to produce since 1988, but what about the 1st amendment issue? There are things that are not protected, and Trump appears to have kowtowed to the software developer and the NRA. C’mon people, it’s not 1776 anymore.
Quote:While the Trump administration agreed to the settlement, Trump indicated Tuesday that he had spoken to the National Rifle Association (NRA) about his concerns.
What the hell! So, the NRA does make policy in America. At least we are no longer pretending that congress and the president enact gun legislation... SPECIAL INTEREST DOES. CORPORATIONS DO. The NRA does.

"The president is committed to the safety and security of all Americans and considers this his highest responsibility," White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters aboard Air Force One late Tuesday.



I just stumbled across this. Looks like you got plenty of spam yourself. Useless, insulting, non-value added replies with the chase...and this lovely piece of prodigious spam. I said it.

No body likes hearing children getting shot. Nobody.

But we have gun control. Buy a gun and you'll find out about 'gun control'. Background checks are done on every purchase when made from an FFL dealer. And guess what, even if you're selling a gun from a private owner to a private owner...those are extremely rare. In fact, most people who sell their guns now do it online, which means FFL is involved, always.

Have you even bought and sold a gun? Probably not. 3-d printed a lower...give me a break. There was one company I knew of milling lowers and they are no longer distributing. Can you find another? Maybe, but you have to finish the rest of the work yourself and unless you're a decent machinist...

No compromise will be made by gun owners on the second amendment. None.

Take away the guns, the bad guys will just use something explosives, or it. They will find a way. And you're not unarming me because of them.

Just a reminder that we've had guns in this country since it's inception. These mass shootings weren't a problem until the media. What media? (no you didn't ask that, why would you?) The media, the news and their ability sensationalize the story and the "why" and the "how" could they do these mass shootings?!?! (while selling something in the background now viewership is up)

The media is also the video game industry which has exploded onto the scene with loads of violent FPS (first person shooters) with the players saying "what harm can it do?" Lot's! Parents who let their children play these games say...what harm can it do? Well it's doing harm. Because you're allowing an activity in the mind of the user (including children), that shooting people is ok and that is how you get ahead in the game. Oh no reasonable person wouldn't shoot people because of a video game...right? Hey! You people are older, I basically believe almost no one in chase chat was 5yo when FPS games came out. I will attest to this fact of personal experience. I was 29 when I played vice city, and when I left my friends house I almost started hitting cars because that's what you do in that game. It effects your thinking which is why I don't play, or even have a console in my house.

More media...movies. Look at what's happened, what's happening...every movie has guns guns guns. Shootings, bullets...they are exemplifying power through the use of force. Movies telling stories about solving problems through the use of force instead of intelligence, peace and creativity. VULGAR --SHOCK and AWE

And yet, we stand here reading this and it must be gun owners fault and we need to remove the 2nd amendment.

No! The mass-shooting have always been a mental health issue. You wanna fix something? Help neuroscience! Give your kids some hugs, some spanks, and take away the gaming console and that !@#@$% television. The source of all ills in American life...a sedentary lifestyle... a lifestyle where nothing FOR YOU IS EVER COMPLETE...because if you're complete they can't sell you anything. They use media as a form to repeat over and over again that there is something wrong with you but we have that; drug, car, trip, insurance, religion, attire, lifestyle, or home that's going to COMPLETE YOU. Meanwhile the brainwashing victims increase every year using the same platforms and all they have to do is keep repeating what isn't fact, and what isn't real...over and over again so that the viewers believe it. and it becomes real for you

I bet you have an anti-virus on your computer. But I have 100 bucks cash money, you don't have anti-virus for your mind. You think you're in control. You think you're thoughts are your own. They aren't. Whenever you pick up facebook, alternet, CNN, television, google news, your mind is being altered. And you don't even know it. I know it happens because I am awake. I've been awake for a long time. I see what it is they are doing to alter thought in the American consciousness and I am mighty sick of it. And sick of people like you getting on a soap box and ONLY REPEATING WHAT YOU'VE BEEN HEARING AND WATCHING. You're NOT a THINKER... you're just a REPEATER. I bet you don't have a critical thinking bone in your body.

As a gun owner, and a father, and a citizen of this country. I have a duty and obligation to make sure idiocracy doesn't take place. Starting right here in CC.

Furthermore, get yourself some Russian friends and stop living in a closed box. Let them tell you the stories of the Gulag . The Soviets killed millions of people. Guns prevent things like the gulag from becoming a real thing in the US. Don't vaccinate. I don't care. It's your own well being that you're dismissing. I am vaccinated and I have guns. But the only reason you guys get to enjoy your lifestyle is because of people like me...with guns...with vaccinations...which harbor people like you from being required to be worried about thinking, protection, and diseases. Your lifestyle of freedom of speech, freedom from torment or prison, only exists because some people in the population practice their due diligence. I call it the herd effect.

As a steward of my community, I will never let idiots ever touch my guns. There would be blood on the streets before that ever happens. And well, since most idiots are gun control misinformed wackos and are unarmed...what are you going to do about it? Come and try to take them!

You're not reading probably glanced at it and went to the end so you could reply. same kind of crap work you put into your totc solve CHALLENGE ME

Guns were never anything more than a tool to do certain jobs. But with the help of media...became style, entertainment, obsession, and the way one could solve problems unfortunately.

(07-31-2018, 01:01 AM)Andrew Jef Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-30-2018, 09:49 AM)crazyfamily Wrote: [ -> ]Nothing will be done until there can be some compromise on the second amendment.


Please tell us your proposed idea(s) for "some compromise on the second
amendment". Thanks in advance.

That's a smart question for a dumb audience member. If he doesn't know why the 2nd amendment is there, he isn't going to have a usable alternate solution.

[Image: giphy.gif]
I've stopped caring about children being killed in school, or at the movie theater, or at concerts. It's just the reality of living and dying in America.

I said it first, nothing will ever be done about it. Like a drug addict with a constitutional endorsement, the gun addict will always justify the NEED for more guns and deny the impact to society. So, save it for someone who gives a shitake.

I bet you didnt read a single word of what i replied to you with.

Theres alot going on in this excerpt that explains the chase, and what you said about gun control.

Here, since you dont
I read it. What I don’t do is watch videos that searchers post. Either way it’s time wasted. I’ll never convince you, you’ll never convince me, and nothing will ever be done. More kids will die, families broken apart, and millions will be profited in the name of the second amendment.

It’s such a cop out to say that when guns are taken away then criminals will be the only ones with guns. Yet all of those middle class white people who perpetrated mass shootings were law abiding citizens before they killed.

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