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Full Version: Invitation to my fellow Coloradans
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Hi! You are invited to a get together on Saturday April 5, at Beau Jos Pizza in Idaho Spring. RSVP if you can, or just surprise us by showing up! Hope to see your friendly faces and/or or a treasure chest.
My email address is
Hey Mafirst!!! I'm not from Colorado, but I'm slipping in anyway :-) Can't wait to get to the mountains! I'll be leaving little trinkets, that look like my gravatar at places I visit, for others to find. They are not precious metal or even semi precious. Just thought it would be fun hanging them in trees, sliding them under a rock, or just inside a cave. It won't mean I found the treasure and it won't mean I didn't. It will just mean....great minds think alike :-)and it beats carving up trees.
I'll be sure to let Beau Jos know the crazies will be showing up on Apr 5.............wait, this is Idahp Springs, we will fit in........

It will be good to see you, I mean meet you all. Maybe we can to find some time for a soak in the hot springs!
NTMI, No problem. Note to self.....Leave trinket in unlocked metal box in cave north of Santa Fe. Got it.

Mafirst, I'm not sure about soaking in the hot springs. Will I have to shave my legs for that! It's been a long winter and I haven't had a chance to sharpen the chainsaw yet. I don't know why I said that!! Now I'm embarassed.
Wish I could make it. I have not eaten there in at least 20 years.

what time?

Good question. I'm so excited about my trip, I didn't even realize there was no time posted. Mafirst?????? Anybody?????

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<b>Quote from Buddy Allen on March 31, 2014, 2:00 pm</b>

what time?

Beau Jos, Idaho Spring, Colorado

Saturday, April 5, at 6:00pm til ?

Don't worry about being late, I love eating pizza by my lonesome. Smile
I am sure you are used to talking to yourself by now.
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