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Full Version: If you could ask Forrest a question......
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Wow that was a well made youtube video. I'll be curious to see where this goes if anywhere. Can you tell me what software you used to do it?
Would you say the best way to view the blaze is by looking up, down, forward or backwards?
Since you said the poem is straight forward. Then IS wwwh is a place where several streams flow into a larger stream and eventually the Name of the stream or river changes?

Are heavy loads and water high used as fly fishing terms in the poem?

To correctly 'put in below the home of Brown', should I use a boat?
Ask him what kind of shoes or boots he wears when he's out wandering the desert and mountains.

Jennifer London interview @ 9.07.
Is he surprised we haven't teamed up more to find the treasure?

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<b>Quote from Project Why on July 12, 2014, 11:42 pm</b>

If Nobody has been able to find it for almost 4yrs. now, then perhaps if they change their name to Somebody is there a chance? Or are we better off at The Lizard Lounge?

Makes no difference who you are and you are better off to pin ideas down at the lounge at this time.

Maybe we need to understand where we are all going wrong and stop declaring where we are right.

Better to be a lounge lizard, than a lot lizard.
Lot lizards have all the fun from what I understand
How do you cast jars with screw on lids out of bronze? What is the secret technique you speak of in The Thrill of the Chase?

Why is the place where you hid the treasure so special to you?

What do you expect the person who finds your treasure to do with the strands of hair you put in it? Get them framed behind glass with a plaque, or just throw them away because they think they are just gross?
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