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Full Version: Forrest mentions... Good housekeeping and Can Opener AD?
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Forrest mentions... Good housekeeping and Can Opener AD? I wondered if any clues could be found in that... I googled and found some old vintage ads from this mag... but nothing really stuck.

You guys have any luck?

I believe Andy Warhol painted a can of Campbell's soup so might want to put that into the equation
There was a time that I used to think that FF was referring to an older ice bag vending machine, because some of them had a similar shape. I put that idea to rest after the proprietor of the campground where I was staying in the area that I was searching gave me the logistics involved with the ice bag business. My idea of looking for the chest at the bottom of all the ice bags (your effort will be worth the cold) made no sense after that.
He actually used the word "housekeeping twice." He mentioned the Good Housekeeping magazine, and also that Eric Sloane wasn't bothered by his divorces, because his ex wives kept the house.