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Full Version: The animal Fenn shot and promised not to tell?
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In the story of searching for Lewis and Clark... Forrest and Donnie shot an animal, and Fenn promised not to tell......

What animal was it? A Grizzly? or what... Why does he mention it, then promised himself or Donnie not to tell...

You guys know any more info on this???
Hi Locolobo,
Good observation... I thought of the porcupine but wasn't sure. I guess Fenn was grossed out when they took a bite of Mr. Porcupine... I am glad he tested that first, I never knew that. If I am ever starving in the woods, I'll chew on some grass or tree bark as a substitute.
Anyone remember that old tv ad with Ewelle(sp? ) Gibbons ,about eating a pine tree? This story reminds me of it. Smile
Thought he said Grape Nuts' taste reminded him of wild hickory nuts
A mountain lion for its $50 bounty?

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i think people are confused fenn shot meadowlarks and said he would not mention them again,he and donnie did shoot a mtn lion for 50 dollar bounty,and fenn said he wished he wouldnt have.