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Full Version: Rangley
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Has anyone considered the line "Hear me all and listen good"?

This seems to tie into the TANK in Rangley which has many draws nearby.
(01-22-2017, 06:41 PM)Kpro Wrote: [ -> ]Colorado?

Why do you think it ties?

I don't know it but happy to discuss.


TANK is an old oil tank that has been turned into an acoustical marvel. I had some fun listening to some of the recordings made in the TANK. Makes for good listening.

Just across the border in Utah are dragonfly and rainbow. To the north there is Brown National Park and of course there is the Rio Charma.

Actually on the side of the TANK there is the outline of an old building. I just wonder if it burned down and something has been buried beneath.


Dry nice explanations but not sure. Kudos to you for putting it out there.