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Full Version: Press the "Pause Button" on Trump..
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During times of War and Rumors of War we must all band together behind our President no matter how far to the left or right one is. I have a feeling when this is all said and done, things will never be the same, be it good or bad. I'm hopeful that it's for the better, God willing.
Not if we're starting the war. Or poking our nose into someone else's war where we have no vital national interest.
Gordon Lightfoot, do you think that no one was paying attention the last eight years when Republicans and other conservatives participated in the systematic obstruction of President Obama?

Remember how Obama's opponents down played the significance of taking out Osama Bin Laden and even tried to take credit for the intelligence that lead to his demise? Mmm, so much for all getting behind the president in times of war. That would have been a good time to break with the politics to mark a significant event in the war on terrorism. What a frigging joke.

Seems I remember a certain administration that took aim at a certain dictator despite the lack of evidence of WMD. I remember yelling at the TV each day when the UN investigators reported finding no evidence of WMD that there's no evidence because there are no weapons, and yet many still fell in line behind the president who only wanted enough evidence to prop up his personal vendetta.

I find incredible irony in the words of conservatives on here who love to profess about imaginative thinking when it comes to hunting for a chest full of gold, but then turn around and grab that party line like a security blanket. Come on Gordon put your thinking cap on.

I'm certain that you have no idea where to even begin looking for a box full of gold.

So, President Trump begins his muscle flexing by lying about the US armada that was heading in the wrong direction to be positioned for a possible strike against N. Korea. What would have happened if they had attacked Japan or South Korea?

This is no way to lead us and is cause for skepticism from every American regardless of political affiliation. Please, go lay down with your bankie, we'll take it from here.
I'll tell both of you how I think this is all going to play out, I think China is going to take Kim Un out, I know that China is close with the North Korean military, and will have the North Korean military leaders either shoot Kim Un or exile him to a 3rd country to get him out of the way...I personally think China will have him executed, then China will install a puppet government that will take orders from Beijing for at least 5 to 10 years in order to get the people out of the concentrations camps, and gear them up for production and reprogramming of their minds, so that the people of North Korea can start to think for themselves, just like what happened in East Germany, they had to start thinking for themselves, the government was no longer their to give the people of East Germany orders. If China doesn't do this and America attacks, then the whole peninsula will be at war, and China will not tolerate that, so they are going to take care of getting rid of Kim Un..his days are numbered as far as China goes. China will take the nuclear weapons away and start retraining the people to start thinking of the outside world as half ass friendly instead of "America is our enemy" and nothing else. The portraits of the leaders will disappear and so will the statues, and all traces of the 3 former leaders will be gone, no more pictures anywhere in North Korea. They will have a new society, communist, but geared for production and self-reliance, and ready to do business with the world. As for a unified Korea, it will have to be none threatening to China and the U.S., both countries will have to let the Koreans decide the future for themselves without China and the U.S. influencing them. All of this may be a blessing in disguise.

I'll tell you what, at the moment North Korea has 6 or more nuclear bombs and they are getting better everyday at how far they can shoot them, and you have a Hitler with his finger on the button who is threatening America, I'd say that is a good enough reason to make something of it now before it goes any further.

As for you crazyfamily, you could drop the crazy if you would stop acting like it.
Gordo, I hope you're right.