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Full Version: Good Article Mr.Fenn Strengthens Resolve.
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Thank you.
I have no questions, just a slightly grumpy old ladies thoughts about the comments after the article. People, nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. Use common Sense in life .Don't spend all your time and money on anything that doesn't help your life . Enjoy your time ,regardless what you are doing. Believe in something .
Well said deb.Hay let me ask you something what do you think the home of Brown is.

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The home of Brown been there for at least 250.000.000 years maybe + or --.

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(06-25-2017, 09:29 AM)Daniel A Wrote: [ -> ]
Thank you once again for allowing the chase to continue Mr.F It is so unAmerican to even ask to shut down the TTOTC. Who ever that officer was by God he won't be getting a Christmas card from me this year!!!
P.s. Do you think it would help if I let the NM tourism dept, and 1 bullet Barney 5 know that MOST of. the serious experienced seekers have ruled out NM?...I wonder if that would give them warm fuzzy feelings inside?

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