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Full Version: Good Article Mr.Fenn Strengthens Resolve.
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Thank you.
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A WONDERFUL article! Makes me wish I could ask him 20 questions.

1) Was it really a Tuesday afternoon?

2) Was he also writing letters from home?

3) How do you make a bear float?

OK, I already know the answer to question 3...

3A) What's a valedictory mark?

4) What's Streets Smarts 101?

5) What's Savvy 102?

6) If you have over an ounce in your pocket in Colorado, are you still a failure?

7) Where were you on the night of February 8-9, 1987?

8) Do you have people who can corroborate your story?

9) Do you have people who can corroborate your story?

10) If tenacity has never been a shortcoming, could that mean that it will be a long going?

Well, that's 1/2. Anybody else want to ask a question?
I have no questions, just a slightly grumpy old ladies thoughts about the comments after the article. People, nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. Use common Sense in life .Don't spend all your time and money on anything that doesn't help your life . Enjoy your time ,regardless what you are doing. Believe in something .
Well said deb.Hay let me ask you something what do you think the home of Brown is.

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The home of Brown been there for at least 250.000.000 years maybe + or --.

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