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Full Version: Why would you need to disclose where you found the chest?
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1.) It's not illegal to possess the treasure or sell it.

2.) Your 5th amendment right protects you from having to incriminate yourself.

3.) Exercising your 5th amendment right makes establishing jurisdiction impossible. Feds can't do anything because they can't prove it wasn't on state, city or private property. The four states can't do anything because they can't prove it was hidden in thier state or wasn't on federal or private and. The burden of proof is in thier hands.

4.) Fenn has given the finder the treasure. This is establised fact. Sets it apart from trying to claim other treasures where transfer of ownership isn't established.

5.) The IRS doesn't require the location to be disclosed. All they need is the provenance which is easy to prove. Your local and state collectors don't require the location to be disclosed either. The passing of ownership is all that needs to be established for tax purposes. I would think that there's more than enough proof that Fenn is passing ownership to the finder but I wouldn't doubt that there's something in the chest that further sets your right to the property in stone.

You can't be forced to talk and your property can't legally be seized and kept without proof of wrongdoing.

Obviously, it's best to consult a lawyer but imo the above is a pretty safe bet.
hand them the poem and tell them to figure it out
To assure searchers, who've invested time and money to look for the tc, that the chase was on the up-and-up and that the finder was legitimate, he'd have to tell where the chest had been hidden. Unless the finder doesn't care about ff's legacy or likes to leave searchers twisting in the wind.
Good to see you posting again lucky Smile

There may be a couple reasons why you may have to disclose where you found it and provide proof, the first is if someone else has proof that the chest was found on there private property and wants to claim the chest to be there's. In this case its best to provide your proof to ensure you can keep it if you discovered it on public property if not the whole matter could be tied up in litigation in the courts for years, depending on property lines if the chest is found even close to private property it could pose a problem.

The other reason I'm not to sure of you would need to consult a tax professional for a correct answer, but you may not only owe fed taxes but also state taxes on the find, uncle Sam always wants his share. To pay the state taxes it might be the state it was found in.

Probably a few more reasons if I really thought it out..
not sure about the other states but Montana has no state income tax.
(09-13-2017, 05:14 PM)emmett Wrote: [ -> ]not sure about the other states but Montana has no state income tax.

Montana has no sales tax, except for some local areas that impose one (like Flathead Lake area); their income tax is 6.9% (over $15,601).

It's Wyoming that has no income tax.
Hi pidmt, lol...that's perfect *

Hi resa, we're all in this knowing we may never know. Imo, the decent thing to do is to announce the find with pics and video so people don't risk injury and stop spending thier time and money looking. If I find it I doubt I'll ever reveal the location while I'm living. Unless I decide not to recover it and instead auction the information that leads directly to it.

Hi Count, Smile I've thought about that. I'm not too concerned, win or lose in court, they still wouldn't get a penny. The finder has until the April of the following year to claim the transfer. The only state and local taxes that need to be paid are the ones where the finder is a resident. The collectors aren't legally allowed to release a private citizens tax filings without a subpoena and if you don't reveal your identity to the general public then who's records would they subpoena? Nobody worth worrying about would know your identity. Still up in the air though, about just auctioning the information leading to the location should I find it, rather than recovering it myself.

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