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it is only the last inch that counted
05-11-2018, 09:23 PM,
it is only the last inch that counted
"I explained that no one should ever fear crashing because it is only the last inch that counted."

The last inch in TTOTC: "For example, do you know how long a piece of iron is needed to make a horseshoe? You measure the horse's hoof, front to back, multiply by two and add an inch. Most people don't know that, but I do because my friend Frank Turley told me. And he told me because he's a blacksmith and I paid him twenty bucks to make me one."

The last double quote (") as inch in TFTW: 'Finally, I told him that at $I7 a square inch one of his larger paintings, say 21" x 43", (with Masonite you can cut any size you
want) would bring about $15,000, plus or minus a little depending on quality and subject.'
05-11-2018, 09:38 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-11-2018, 09:40 PM by heyoka.)
RE: it is only the last inch that counted
Olga was a delightful woman with a warm and giving heart. She was also too young to be treated with such disrespect by the ungentle laws of nature and she joked about outrunning the well bug.

She had not seen the mountain from the air so I asked her to fly the ninety miles with me and take one last look. She was fearful of flying and said she would never undertake such an “outrageous adventure.” I explained that no one should ever fear crashing because it is only the last inch that counted. That brought a smile but not one of approval. We joked about the irony of my plane wrecking with her ashes on board as being nature’s ultimate affront.

Somewhere along the way I learned that my cost could also show a profit. Olga Svoboda was a good example. She lived immediately behind our business in a space that was much too small, even for one person. Her bathtub was just thirty-six inches long and looked crowded in her bathroom. When I offered to move her into a condo and pay all of her housing expenses forever if she would trade me her little casita, she just smiled. She knew I wanted to expand my gallery space and declined, of course. So we laughed and drank red tea.

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