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The Chest Speaks
09-05-2013, 01:03 PM,
The Chest Speaks
I've always thought the CES or CE5 was a museum mark from the original collection. Every piece in a proper museum will have a unique number / letter for ease of identification. It's less ambiguous for the curator to log "moved AB123 to display case C4, removed DEF56 for inspection and cleaning" than to prattle on with "the 14th century pan-European dogtooth hood shield mask, the one with the scorch mark in the top left not the one with the ornamental inscription on the reverse". Standard procedure for museums is not to remove the mark upon deaccession and Forrest just left it there when he got it.

It makes no sense that Forrest would paint a clue on the chest and photograph it. He's in the antiquities market and would be used to seeing those marks so they would just disappear to his eye, but they stand out to us because they are unusual to us. It's like the first time my mom came to visit me in the Pacific Northwest, she said "everything's so green! so many trees!" and I said, huh, yeah I guess there are a lot of trees around here.
09-08-2013, 06:09 PM,
The Chest Speaks
I like that Jason. I too spent countless hours studying Latin, which I wasn't crazy about at the time but in retrospect realize that it's still a great language to help understand history and other languages. It used to be a required course! But I like that interpretation. So perhaps "It gives". How about "What gives?"

There has been a lot of discussion on the CES mark, and I've yet to see anything definitive. Museum marks are possible, but I believe that typically most museums avoid permanent marks, and certainly not conspicuous ones. I have always felt that the marks were put there by a proud yet disrespectful (of historical objects) former owner.




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