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Heading to the museum
09-08-2017, 09:32 PM,
RE: Heading to the museum
(09-08-2017, 10:19 AM)TrapperJ Wrote: Figure it's a good excuse to visit one of my favorite places. Gonna scrutinize all the statues and art by the parking lot. Hoping a walk through the museum will light a bulb or two. I'll report back anything I think is chase related.

"The End is Ever Drawing Nigh"

I just used the town of Denver for this clue what with the Broncos and the large Bronze statue just outside of the airport. Now that he's identified the Museum, look for something that could be Drawing Nigh there. A statue or a large drawing maybe. Thanks
09-08-2017, 10:28 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-08-2017, 10:36 PM by Andrew Jef.)
RE: Heading to the museum
(09-08-2017, 11:23 AM)ROLL TIDE Wrote: Just for kicks, go to Google Earth street-view, and stand in the parking lot, facing the building.

The image is a few years old but, I found it humerous.


ROLL TIDE, good eyes. Making sure that the "timeline" of GE was set for
the most recent data, I saw a display touting an exhibit called something
like (paraphrasing) "Real Pirates" / final weeks. The graphic showed a skull
and crossbones above a pile of gold coins. If this was intended by FF
or by Preston as a "final clue", it's a very weak one at best, in my opinion.

Finding FF's car in the parking lot seems to me like nothing more than a
rabbit hole.

(09-08-2017, 11:49 AM)TrapperJ Wrote:
(09-08-2017, 10:46 AM)Buddy Allen Wrote: Who remembers going to Laserium there in the 70's, maybe ff?

Oh yeah. Floyd, Zep, Beatles... good times

Just did a quick recon of outside the museum. Fridays are pretty crazy inside, with school field trips.

Ok so a few things. On the north side by the main entrance there are wolf tracks in the side walk leading to a bronze sculpture of a pack of wolves. To the west of that there is huge dino sculpture by the elevator for the underground parking lot. The plaque indicates that a dino like this was found in Canon City. The next sculpture is the Bronze Snowmammoth. I dont think this is related, as I think it was installed in or after 2010. Where the Mammoth stands now, there used to be the museums oldest bronze sculpture "The Grizzly's Last Stand" 1930. This sculpture was moved to the south about 60 yards to make room for the mammoth. The grizzly sculpture depicts the last Colorado Grizzly's said to be shot in the San Juans. Moving to the south west corner of the museum, there is maybe the most interesting site. I used to play in this feature when I was a kid. Then as a teen sneak away in there to smoke and cuss. It is the DeBoer Box Canyon. A small, dry box canyon replica featuring the famous rocks taken from Morrison, CO. The feature was created along with the Deboer city waterway project. After the box canyon there is a Totem Poll, but I think it's form after when the chest was hidden. After that there is another newer feature (not sure from when but I think after 2010 or right around the south side renovation. This feature made me smile. It is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow walkway. First time seeing it, so I think it's too new, but too good not to include.

Ok, that's it for the quick recon. Sorry, no photos, phone died, but you can find pics of everything I mentioned online.

I guess if there are any hints, they may be: Canon City, San Juan Mountains, Box Canyon, Brown bear extinction in CO, Morrison Formation,

That's all I got. I plan on going in the museum this weekend. I'll update if there is anything Fenny.


TrapperJ, thank you so much for the report. I looked (online) for statues
in or near the parking lot. Didn't see any that "grabbed" me -- as a possible hint or clue. The "pot of gold at the end of a rainbow" sounds
interesting, but how would that help a searcher? Good luck in your
solving and searching. My solve remains firmly planted somewhere far
away from Denver. I even tried making some kind of connection with
John Denver's name, and didn't see anything related to this hunt . . . but
as I think about it, some lyrics in his song "Rocky Mountain High" may be
(kinda) related. If I see any strong connection/hint/clue, I'll post it . . .
perhaps in a new thread.
09-09-2017, 12:58 PM,
RE: Heading to the museum
I get the impression now that this clue is a "past" and hint to a "future" event, not something in the present. Time will tell.

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