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Dear Marti aka digging gypsy
02-20-2018, 06:45 PM,
RE: Dear Marti aka digging gypsy
this thread will eventually die if no one responds. Or maybe respond with meaningless comments.

For instance, it was nice out today, I left work early, well, because I can. I decided to sit outside with a beer and Penny. Penny rocks when she is all charged up. After relaxing, I cleaned the interior windows of my truck.

Cruiser and Tracker were outside too. They barked, ran, got muddy in the melting snow and 65 degree temps, and had a good time. Cruiser is smarter than his brother Tracker, same Mom and Dad, but no way you could tell. Cruiser is the best dog ever. Oh, they are chocolate labs. Cruiser is older, by 3 years. Their Mom, Animon, who we still go see, only had 3 litters ever, because they are not puppy mill dogs. She lives on 7 acres 6 miles away. Cruiser and Trackers one brother is there also.

We are also friends with the owners of Cruisers/trackers sister from Cruisers litter, Bailey. We also get together with Bailey to play, and drink beer. Well, not the dogs, Bailey's owners. The dogs drink water. Once Tracker pulled out strawberry plants at Baileys house, not good. Oh, and Cruiser, he poops balls. Literally, he poops perfectly round balls about the size of the small size super bouncy balls. His record is 9 balls. Yes, I count them. Sometimes when he's on a hill in the front yard, they will roll.

Once, when we thought Cruiser ate a big bone(he didn't), we took him to the vet, they did an xray. They put the xray up on the screen, said no bone but it looks like he ate a bunch of balls, pointing out all the perfectly shaped balls in his tract. Vet said needed to operate. I laughed, I think Cruiser did too. Told the vet that is just his poop. He said no way, never saw that. I told him Cruiser poops balls, and we left happy.

Maybe more later
02-20-2018, 09:32 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-20-2018, 09:33 PM by brubr.)
RE: Dear Marti aka digging gypsy
(02-20-2018, 10:16 AM)VinnieVega Wrote: Says the one calling me a yahoo lol.

And Brubr, I have no grudge against females nor do I tolerate illegal behaviour by either gender, I object to this public shaming effort by people who should show some class and decency by acting a whole lot more discreetly if they have an issue, so don't criticise me when the real issue is another persons behaviour.
I wouldn't still be commenting at all on this disgusting thread if Admin stuck to her statements previously that she would delete users accounts as and when they requested, which I did a week or so ago and have been told she cant spare a few minutes to do so.
I'd never have even signed up in the first place if I'd have known it would be so difficult to leave. And don't give me that 'just don't sign in' line, I want my data deleted, not stored.

Actually, I was trying to be polite when I called you a "yahoo". Maybe "weasel" would be more accurate. When you wrote "bunnies", you meant women. You know you meant women and I know you meant women and everyone reading your original comment knows you meant women, so stop weaseling by trying to substitute "groupies".

There is absolutely NO need for you to comment on the "public shaming". I do not know Fenn, Stephanie, Mindy, or anyone else. I have never been to a Fennboree. But clearly, some people have had issues with Fenn in the past and feel the need to express themselves. I consider this fact to be none of my business UNTIL someone, who also has no need to comment, decides to start denigrating women because they insist on being treated with dignity and respect. I have no doubt that Fenn can defend himself. He might want to consider calling both of these women and trying to get things straight, but that's his business.

If you want disgusting, I invite you to head over to Harry's. That isnt so much a chase blog as an open sewer. Have fun!

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