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(12-31-2018, 09:42 PM)Mindy Wrote: [ -> ]One thing I’ll say—

Once again njfl has twisted the truth to make an outright lie.

She said that I took pics without F’s consent and that he made me take them down. WRONG.

If you’ve been to his home, you would know he allows you to touch and take photos of whatever you want.

F knew I took pics. He did not “make” me take them down. As far as I know, they’re still online. I may have taken them down briefly, for some reason I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure I put them back up. F didn’t say anything about the pics to me.

I’ve read some of the other stuff, but it’s so ridiculous that I won’t be bothered to comment.

Happy New Year!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Seannm accused me of using “backdoor” tactics. However, this is not true, and actually, it was Seannm who wrote me a PM when he first appeared on the scene asking me to take part in HIS backdoor tactics. I refused, saying that I don’t play like that. He wanted to befriend bet and others who are now at Harry’s and share their private info with me. He said it would be “fun.” I have the emails to prove it. I told him it was not my kind of fun, and that I’d pass on that.

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I think njfl fell out of the ugly tree and broke every branch on the way down. nmc must be as homely as sin too, since the ugly ones with low self esteem usually let jealousy get the best of them and they resort to low-life tactics.

I believe your claim about seannm. All I have seen from him is dirty underhanded tactics. His dealing with Toby certainly supports what you say, and there are many other testimonies that back your statements. This should be a warning to all searchers to stay far away from him. His narcissistic tendencies will stop at nothing to destroy another searcher's reputation.

Happy New Year!
Seannm thinks I am lonely, ah so sad. Poor Seannm is projecting his personality onto me. Yes Seannm is very lonely, he lost his job because he spent more time on the chase that his responsibility to his family. He went scorched earth on Fenntubeland because he couldn't get subscribers to make a go of it.

Now he has been reduced to a pathetic shell of a human, hopelessly talking to himself on Fenntube (for 2 hours at a time), constantly screaming at those (who are really there to chat amongst themselves) to listen to him. Yes it is sad to be lonely, isn't it Seannm?
(01-01-2019, 12:36 PM)brubr Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-01-2019, 12:15 PM)Top Secret Wrote: [ -> ]Seannm thinks I am lonely, ah so sad. Poor Seannm is projecting his personality onto me. Yes Seannm is very lonely, he lost his job because he spent more time on the chase that his responsibility to his family. He went scorched earth on Fenntubeland because he couldn't get subscribers to make a go of it.

Now he has been reduced to a pathetic shell of a human, hopelessly talking to himself on Fenntube (for 2 hours at a time), constantly screaming at those (who are really there to chat amongst themselves) to listen to him. Yes it is sad to be lonely, isn't it Seannm?

So lonely, in fact, he came back over here as zombiecupcake.

Zombies are kind of a lonely creature, but are you sure? I have a good nose for the seannm stink and I ain't smelling it, though that is his MO, multiple personalities and all. I know he misses being here, just like the rest of Hairy's outcasts. They can't live without us, we are special to them.
So, I feel the need to point out one thing to ole Pres, who has shown up with his usual lies and misplaced angst. He says this:

“Since when do "Assberger" sufferers whose defining symptom (over and above all others, despite the statement "no Asperger is exactly like another" ALL Asperger sufferers share) is a lack of cognitive perceptions on abstract thoughts and behaviors of people, render an analytical assessment of a third party interactions and motivational intents between Kpro/Fenn? Not that she's right, just appears that her "Assbergers" is not a reality, more of a convenient ruse to deflect deserved criticism?”

1. First of all, I’d rather have Aspergers than be an “asshat.”

2. Calling the syndrome “assbergers” is a slap in the face to those with the condition. Your term is offensive to probably everyone with Aspergers. That shows just how terrible you can be, in my opinion.

3. Please show me WHERE you found your information that says ALL people with Aspergers have a “lack of cognitive perceptions on abstract thoughts and behaviors of people, render an analytical assessment of a third party interactions and motivational intents.”

I don’t think ANY expert in autism and Aspergers would be so daring as to say that ALL people with Aspergers have one specific trait. That is PURE speculation by you unless you show me where a respected EXPERT in autism/Aspergers published such a bold statement.

In fact, the generally accepted WORLD’S FOREMOST AUTHORITY, Dr Tony Attwood, on the syndrome says the exact opposite. There is no defining characteristic that ALL people with Aspergers share.

Once again, Presby spouts off nonsense and presents it as fact, without providing a source, and I counter his falsehood with proof.

And I believe he misquoted me. The quote I think he was referring to I also attributed to Dr Attwood:
“If you’ve met one person with Aspergers, you’ve met one person with Aspergers.”

Hey mdavis (A.K.A. Thinks-He’s-A-Psychiatrist-That-Can-Diagnose-Me) I ignore you for a reason. Just wanted to stop ignoring you for a moment to point that out. And to point out that you are posting your OPINION as a FACT.

I would invite everyone to check out another excellent website on Aspergers, as there is a forum or two out there that remain almost laughably (but more truthfully, sadly) ignorant:

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Presby is a selfproclaimed authority on everything. That a$$hole is seriously sick, and now he thinks he is a physiologist/psychiatrist. The next thing you know he will be subscribing drugs for all that ails you. The idiot is so dumb he thinks all these WWWH websites contain secret messages from Fenn. The guy is a gullible conspiracy theorist. That is why it is so easy to push his buttons, conspiracies are his weakness. Just feed the conspiracy and watch him spin out of control.

Also speaking of clueless Davis is for out of the loop and this comment shows why I included him in the a$$hole of the year award. "Has anyone here heard the recording they are losing their minds about on about at CC? They lie and exaggerate so much over there that I can't take their word on the content. Some are claiming Kpro was shouting at and bullying Fenn. Others are saying she was being playful and just speaking loudly because he is hard of hearing. The people promoting the former are without credibility, and I can't see Fenn letting anyone bully him. However I'd like to know what others think? Anyone actually heard it for themselves?"

Is this guy in denial or is he a complete moron? Maybe it is an easy sign of dementia.
Oh hey, mdavis, Presby said “Assberger suffererS.” Plural. So he insulted everyone with Aspergers.

And Presby, I’m still waiting for your source.

Here’s yet another source that tells me you’re making crap up to try to manipulate readers into thinking you know something you clearly don’t.

Hey, mdavis just said:

“Hey, kook. I suspect Presby was just trying to cover all your personalities with the plural. Anyway, like I said before, quit with the phony outrage for others. Nobody is buying it.”

My answer: That’s clearly not what Presby was doing. You know that as well as I. What’s the answer for his obvious lie about what trait ALL people with Aspergers share?

And wanna try and cover his sorry butt about the Tamara fiasco? What’s the story? That I cut and pasted Presby’s name on an email from “Tamara” that Presby sent to admin and signed “Presby?”

Lololol....nope. Talk about multiple personalities! And I’ve got the proof, which I would subject to the scrutiny of any expert, and they would say it’s NOT tampered with.

And what about you, Big Jim? How many personalities do YOU have?

And WHY are you fighting Presby’s battles? You don’t think he’s smart enough to answer?

You DID NOT present that as an “opinion.”

You stated that ALL people with Aspergers can’t think abstractly. I provided you ABSOLUTE proof that you are WRONG.

As for turning on and off—yeah, we sorta can. In a way. We can try very hard to look someone in the eyes, and actually do it. It’s exhausting sometimes but we can.

As I’ve told you many times before, Aspergers presents very differently in women than in men.

Here is what the leading expert on Aspergers says about a friend of his with Aspergers:

“Another constructive adaptation to the characteristics of Asperger's syndrome used by girls and women is to use imitation or imagination. The girls may identify someone who is socially successful and popular, either from her peers or a character in a television soap opera and adopt that person's persona in mimicking speech patterns, phrases, body language and even clothing and interests using a social script. She becomes someone else, someone who would be accepted and not recognised as different. She learns how to act in specific situations, a strategy that Liane found so successful that people thought her social abilities were intuitive and could not believe this was an artificial performance. Girls and women who have Asperger's syndrome can be like a chameleon, changing persona according to the situation, but no one knowing the genuine persona. She fears that the real person must remain secret because that person is defective.”

Here is the full article:

Other women state they turn “on” (in those exact words), when going to work or a social event. I can provide countless articles about that.

You guys really should become more informed before attempting to diagnose someone without any knowledge about the condition.

As to turning on and off ADHD, njfl is actually right (for once)—I cant turn that on and off, but medication helps.

I’ve proven my point I think. I’m going back to ignoring you ignorants.

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Oh Presssbbbyyy! You’re lyyyinnng again!

I repost his words here because not many people read where he posts and I think I should point some things out:

“Mitty sent provocative photos to Fenn and started telling him about looking for a lover in her email (in the candy aisle of the grocery store as I recall). Sent him what she termed close to a thousand emails. Then when she came up with the short straw in the treasure hunt, turned on him with a vengeance and falsely accused him of hideous crimes.

When her witch hunt came to naught, she then decided to turn her attention to Fenn's best buddy Doug Preston and started trying to weasel hints out of Preston. The cheating never ends with that chick.

What other reason did she have to start contact DP personally? Other than yet another attempt to cheat to " manipulate to attempt to extract information for her own personal gain" as you put it?”

1. If you think my surfboard pic was “provocative,” then I guess that’s your opinion. But when you make that one photo PLURAL, you are wrong.

2. I said I have about 1000 emails. Not that I sent F 1000 emails. I have not counted them, but when I talk about the number of emails, I am combining those to him and FROM him.

3. He asked about my love life. He point blank asked me if I had a lover, out of the blue. I did not bring up the subject—HE did. I naively told him, and told him I knew there was someone out there for me and I’d probably meet him in the candy aisle. There is nothing “flirtatious” or inappropriate about that.

4. What makes you think I came up with a “short straw?” Again, this is your opinion, which you are presenting as a fact. What took place is exactly what I said took place. I found out about some things that I thought crossed the line, and I decided the chase community should know what had happened behind the scenes.

5. I have not accused F of any crimes, though you guys have spun and twisted my words to try to make people believe that. I have accused him of inappropriate relations with searchers. I have accused him of potentially compromising the chase by having those inappropriate relationships. I have accused him of being creepy to a teenager.
As far as buying the girls, we have all seen that email. Although I don’t think it would be taken as a “joke” by law enforcement, it was not taken as a “joke” by the girls mother, and I have proven that. But I will admit that I would hesitate labeling that as a crime because I don’t know the entire context. To me, and to the mom after it happened, it was creepy. But the mom has asked that I drop it, so I did.

6. There was no witch hunt. What even is a witch hunt?

7. About Doug Preston, again, your assumptions are presented as fact, and are, in fact, completely wrong. Douglas Preston and I have been corresponding for a couple of years sporadically. We’ve talked a little about his books, about writing, about he researches for his books, etc. so when the 200 searcher hype came out and it was rumored that the non-searcher knew F well, I thought Douglas Preston fit the profile. I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask him, and I was curious, but I didn’t expect him to answer my question: Have you ever searched for F’s treasure? To my surprise, he answered in some detail. I did not go rushing to the area. I have given several people the info. I don’t have to give it to everyone. That’s my choice. So clearly, I was not seeking to “cheat” or gain any advantage. If I was, I would have kept the info to myself.

8. I gave you the reason I initially contacted Douglas Preston about two years ago. We’ve chatted back and forth since then. So again, you are wrong, unless by “personal gain,” you mean to get some writing and researching advice. I think that is a type of personal gain, although not the kind you are accusing me of.

9. So Presby, I claim you are falsely accusing me, because I have the proof to back up everything I say, and all you have are assumptions. And the lies you pull out of thin air.

Sean says:

“ who started a private email conversation with Forrest, which included sending him provocative pictures, poems, stories and the like. And then turns it around and claims Forrest Fenn to be the aggressor in some sexual harassment/predator case, and believes her proof is some cut and paste email snapshots with out of context responses from Forrest, or at least we were lead to believe they were from him.”

1. Again, see above about provocative pictures.

2. NEVER have I sent him “provocative poems, stories, and the like.” (Whatever “and the like” means). That lie was started by Jamie Jones, who clearly has motive to trash my reputation any way she can. Just because she SAYS something, doesn’t mean it’s true. And I have proven in the past over and over HER pattern of lies she has told about me.

3. Whether F’s emails to ME could be construed as “sexual harassment” in the legal sense of the term, I don’t know. I don’t remember saying he sexually harassed ME. I have offered my entire email account to be accessed by two different supposedly neutral searchers (who turned out not to be so neutral), in an effort to provide the whole, entire chain of emails so they could judge for themselves. They both refused because one did not want their idyllic ideas of the chase ruined, and the other just declined. So, I have been as transparent as I possibly can, and for you to make assumptions and accusations without the entire context is wrong.

4. You should check your “long list” again, and maybe try to do some fact-checking for proof. I have a feeling there isn’t any proof to corroborate your “long list of abuses.”

5. Have I not accommodated your requests when you asked, Sean? If you were offended by a comment on my blog, you would ask me to remove it. Did I oblige? Yes. Every time you asked, I have obliged.

6. You have spoken against third party information. So why do you allow yourself to be swayed by those same third party allegations when it comes to me? Double standard, it seems.

Let me ask this, to PRESBY and SEAN,

Are you saying that any of your accusations I have mentioned today are FACTS?

If so, please state which are FACTS and which are OPINIONS. I can’t tell by your wording, because it appears as though everything you have said you are stating as FACT. On a public forum.

We’ve been through all this before. Now I’m really going back to ignore. Lol. Bye, Felicia!

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All that when the real story is Kpro. 20 visits in a single summer. Come on guys you are smarter than this or are you covering for Kpro by deflecting to Mindy Mindy Mindy.....ridiculous double standard.
Is it a “massive meltdown” when someone defends themselves against false accusations?

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(01-03-2019, 09:00 AM)Mindy Wrote: [ -> ]Is it a “massive meltdown” when someone defends themselves against false accusations?

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I was referring to Harry’s haters.....yes, false accusations should be addressed, but at the end of the day best to ignore them. They are like wind up toys that spin out of control everytime you respond.