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Full Version: Hairy's Crack Lounge, Open 24 Hours
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Confidential to Lars: I’ve already fixed that issue.

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BTW, Hairy's shutdown their own spammer, Stonerdelkon. Oh Y E S, Y O U D I D. And RickyNoOne was banished for spewing obscenities in a ChaseChat hate-thread. Who's flocking to Hairy's Crack Lounge? N O O N E.

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Confidential to Caca-Doodle-Poo, Roosters are known to shit in their own food. Maybe if you looked quickly down when relieving yourself you'd see the irony of your claim.

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(08-23-2018, 06:13 PM)Seeker9 Wrote: [ -> ]I have a hard time believing that H's is FF's favorite forum to read. Does he know that all of the guys that chat over there got beat up by a girl?

Hahaha! Nah, Forrest doesn't give a crap about those guys.

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Yeah, Dr Avis, Caca-Doodle-Poo is one of my favorites. But, I do enjoy easy pickin's.

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Guess we know why there was a blackout all day. Hahahahaha!

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It's good to be loved.

Davis writes his own epitaph....

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C'mon Davis put that thing away, that's disgusting.

Hairy comes out of the office to tell his staff that he hopes everyone will have more respect for each other, and competition is good, and freedom of choice is good, and that 's why he won't watch any channel that has Mindy on it. Hahaha...haha..ha.

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Davis then chimes in on the vlog drama claiming that anyone that gives Mindy any screen time will get a PERMANENT BAN from him! Ooh my, that's serious.

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Then Sean steps in and lays it down...he will not be told who he puts on his show!

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Then Prez B let's Sean know that doing what he wants is no way to prove that Hairy, Davis, and Prez B aren't trying to influence him.

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And Davis reiterates the do what you want Sean, but you don't need to prove anything...especially if it means putting Mindy on your show.

[Image: 91f5837e97dd4b9a716117bd0940e5db.png]

I have a better idea, Davis. If Sean puts Mindy on the show why don't you take your marbles and go. You too, Prez B.


Oh this is a beauty...the boss, Hairy Respectmore, steps back in the room and compares Mindy to a Cocaine addict, claims they have been denying attention to Mindy even though they talk about her ALL the time, and then he suggests Sean have a pro-Mindy and anti-Mindy panel air their views on...... ... .Mindy? I guess.

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I think these guys think they're being serious. What a crack-up!

Sure Mikey, whatever you say.

Wait for it....
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Cry us a friggin' river Mikey...
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The way you all have acted at Hairy's illustrates perfectly WHY no one has missed you here.