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Full Version: This interview made on Aug.26, 2016 seems to answer a lot of questions going on today
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Well Gordon, we tried. But people have become so embroiled in single issue politics that it was easy for a thug like trump to capitalize on their fears and build a huge crazy base that just doesn't care about the big picture.

I have a very liberal friend who vilifies electric cars because they aren't zero emission vehicles as they are marketed. Of course, we still burn coal and natural gas for electricity and those things surely release CO2 into the atmosphere.

But to go somewhere other than burning gasoline and coal and natural gas we have to start somewhere. Just imagine if, at the birth of electricity, Edison, Franklin and others had discovered photovoltaics. We'd all be off the grid with electric cars, and they would be truly zero emission vehicles...maybe someday, but what we have now is a start.

Elon Musk is happy to be the father of off-the-grid for the people, I'd put my money on Musk. Recycling Lithium Ion batteries will be the next problem to tackle.

Meanwhile Trump rolls back emission standards further preempting solutions to the problems plaguing our atmosphere.

My friend didn't vote in the election. You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem.