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Full Version: Another mass shooting, and still no one does anything.
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...than military personnel killed in war zones.

[Image: b29a7f0a5b3225675627f627ae60a136.png]

And still America does nothing.

Look, more dead people. Trump sends his thoughts and prayers, and America does nothing.

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Nothing will be done until there can be some compromise on the second amendment.

(07-31-2018, 01:01 AM)Andrew Jef Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-30-2018, 09:49 AM)crazyfamily Wrote: [ -> ]Nothing will be done until there can be some compromise on the second amendment.


Please tell us your proposed idea(s) for "some compromise on the second
amendment". Thanks in advance.

What's the point? It will NEVER happen. Conservatives would rather put their own children at risk than compromise with democrats.

Talking about restricting some types of guns/ammo, or collecting data is like taking drugs from an addict who has a constitutional right to be an addict. Addiction to guns expressed as hyper sensitivity to gun control is a disease just like drug addiction.

Look at this timely article...

[Image: 6a75b241522716769742e32e77f08c23.png]

I read the article, and like the headline says, apparently not one republican has a problem with this. Sure, undetectable guns have been illegal to produce since 1988, but what about the 1st amendment issue? There are things that are not protected, and Trump appears to have kowtowed to the software developer and the NRA. C’mon people, it’s not 1776 anymore.
Quote:While the Trump administration agreed to the settlement, Trump indicated Tuesday that he had spoken to the National Rifle Association (NRA) about his concerns.
What the hell! So, the NRA does make policy in America. At least we are no longer pretending that congress and the president enact gun legislation... SPECIAL INTEREST DOES. CORPORATIONS DO. The NRA does.

"The president is committed to the safety and security of all Americans and considers this his highest responsibility," White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters aboard Air Force One late Tuesday.


I've stopped caring about children being killed in school, or at the movie theater, or at concerts. It's just the reality of living and dying in America.

I said it first, nothing will ever be done about it. Like a drug addict with a constitutional endorsement, the gun addict will always justify the NEED for more guns and deny the impact to society. So, save it for someone who gives a shitake.

I read it. What I don’t do is watch videos that searchers post. Either way it’s time wasted. I’ll never convince you, you’ll never convince me, and nothing will ever be done. More kids will die, families broken apart, and millions will be profited in the name of the second amendment.

It’s such a cop out to say that when guns are taken away then criminals will be the only ones with guns. Yet all of those middle class white people who perpetrated mass shootings were law abiding citizens before they killed.

Oh look, another mass shooting in America. This time it was a disgruntled video gamer who was the perp. I suppose conservatives will blame video games since he was apparently a previously law abiding citizen before he took out his vengeance on his fellow gamers.

[Image: 625562a6e5ef6f9ac962d0bbba002c6d.png]

Condolences aren't enough? Perhaps gamers should invest in firearm manufacturers stocks. Gun manufacturers stocks rise following some mass shootings. You could see it as a hedge against getting shot at school or the theater, nightclub, or gaming event.

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Congrats America, we reached a new low...3 mass shootings in 24 hours.

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