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Full Version: What is ff hunting for from the chase..
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There's a question mark in the poem.
That he already knows.
The answer is in one of ff interviews.ff said but not in my words.
It would be nice if someone donated to the museum.I would think in Santa fa.
Could ff be hunting for a person to do this to donate the TC to a museum with out any influence on the person.
The only way to know this is being in ff skin.Its like this ff just put a TC of gold out there to be found with 9 clues IMO he is giving it away. Now can ff find someone to give it Back in someway. Like giving it to the museum. Could someone do this.

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Yes, probably.
(07-11-2018, 11:31 AM)dude here Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, probably.
Is this his church where a part of him.
Lays in the mountains This the TC as a donation for his legacy. Not the Catholic church.

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