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Full Version: You need an ID to buy groceries, and other Trump nonsense.
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Everyone knows that. Don't you think this nonsense has gone on long enough?

[Image: 585a569e23c916154aec60fef6c44f19.png]

The president wants to protect us from imaginary voter fraud, but not from Russia interfering in the election. Even IF Russia weren't involved in election tampering, Trump's intentions couldn't be more clear. In this light it is glaringly obvious. Forcing voters to carry a voter card is equivalent to a poll tax, which has already been ruled unconstitutional. The intent is voter suppression in lower economic groups(mostly minorities).

The intent is clear, and people need to see their rights quickly eroding away.

California environmental laws are to blame for the wildfires raging in California.

[Image: 40ef02e417e96ae0509db7fb686826cd.png]

[Image: c2f253ac6966895b32644fce607fb053.png]

Now, I know some will rake me over the coals for politicizing a natural disaster, despite the fact that the president clearly doesn't care about 7 casualties and other Californians losing everything to forest fires. I'm way past the point of caring about anything that Trump wants to do to this country. He is a heartless cancer that needs to be defeated.

[Image: a1a26bb6713b0ae7fc4739e0be772ed5.png]

So much for Americans being self reliant - not dependent on the government. We need to drug test farmers who receive these welfare checks?!

It's a good time to be a farmer with guarantees from the tax payers. What's the projected budget deficit...oh my.

So much for conservatives being fiscally responsible. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

[Image: 2c13408e3eaca290a9059cd74bb004c3.png]

America on it's way to a dictatorship.

If you want to know why a rich guy can't keep casinos from going bankrupt it's because he makes terrible gambles going all-in on a bad hand.

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The only way this is going to play out well is if the death toll is a lie. Not likely considering the many, many eye witnesses.

[Image: fb52a86d71a2ed2b264b020ad2553335.png]

Yep. No doubt, Trump is mentally impaired.

Sick to death of these assholes.

[Image: 77b4fea7b90c319d2d59406b91019cc0.png]

He'd better hope his daddy can protect him when he's sitting in his prison cell.

Despite the Fox News hosts attempt to talk about the Steele Dossier, Napolitano sets them straight. Trump Jr. can be charged with conspiracy if that is indeed what they were doing.

[Image: 567b23840c73d36d55bedb389e55ee0b.png]

Here, Trump defines conspiracy. It's not looking good for Jr. I suspect Mueller is thoroughly compiling data that will snare Jr. in his own poopy mess. Jr. Just can't keep his pretty mouth shut. I bet a tour in prison will help him with that.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

[Image: 18e3f8489721033cd3ea5c973c34e26e.jpg]

Now that we know what the US is, let’s talk about price.

[Image: 3110c106c186e0688f3543d9e84fa8c4.png]

This is a dangerous path to go down.

Trump has been trying to undermine the authority of the FBI and CIA, and now conservatives are suggesting that the alleged explosive devices that were delivered to a former US President, Vice President, and Secretary of State, as well as congress women and other well known liberal activists, are fake.

What is fake are the conservatives who consider themselves Americans. This behavior is consistent with terrorists and terrorism in third world countries. You people need to have a long, hard look at what you're doing.

Lou Dobbs claims that bomb threats were fake
[Image: becdc36fea4b66f0d0feab03b3681de7.png]

Tweety Prez loves to rip on NFL players who kneel on the football field as un-American and disrespectful to our troops.

So what does that make a president who cancels a ceremony to commemorate the fallen American troops at a WWI memorial over some rain?

It makes him not the leader of the US armed forces. It makes him a little marshmallow snowflake afraid to melt in the rain. What an insult to our fallen soldiers.

Here’s a real leader:
[Image: 636cdc1de58b142688f8a93b35a5f4be.jpg]

Prez Tweety Bird calls for Florida election results to be confined to election night results. That would effectively void the votes cast by armed forces members who are absentee voters.

One could say that it's a continuation of his disrespectful attitude towards US military personnel, however, I'm certain that it's just further evidence that he has no idea what it means to be an American, or what America even is.

[Image: 90ceebc099773ba7fc2c6b4c79fabc8b.jpg]

Oh, brother.

[Image: c6e3648d537c475d79cb349e80d5d67e.jpg]

I don't know about your state, but where I live you can log on to the voting system and see that your vote was counted. Computers track when you vote.

You would have to have multiple registrations and identification for Tweety's birdbrain plan to work. Doesn't get more stupid than this.

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