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Full Version: I have turned blue and gotten fatter
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I'm no where close to Colorado :-( It's going to be a couple of weeks before I can even make plans for a trip :-( Turtles are slow. I'll check back when I have more definite plans.

Goosfraba, I was just kidding. I looked up Nederland to see what part of the state it was in and saw they were doing water line repairs.
Yes. Shall I bring the treasure chest?
Yes, please, my liege, lol.

These are troubling times in the kingdom

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<b>Quote from Desertphile on March 9, 2014, 1:47 pm</b>

Yes. Shall I bring the treasure chest?

[Image: b09f284b14c41d20cc5aa42d0aad264f?s=60&d=monsterid&r=PG]

<b>I have turned blue and gotten fatter</b>

Folks, he's playing it straight... at least there's no exposed pollinator... love the @Seeker too. Big Grin


I live up in Nederland, with all the other crazy folk.

@Goosfraba, I love Nederland. Are the tulips blooming yet?
Not quite....

Looks like Goosfraba is buying!!!! Warm waters halted in Nederland yesterday and today, on Valley View Drive. I'm hungry. When do we meet?
Well, I'm always free, lol, but some people actually still have responsibilities. NTMI is tied up for the next few weeks, so unless we want to party without him, lol, how does two weeks sound?
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