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Page 122 TTOTC


Founded in the late 1890s as Watkins Creek Ranch by George S. Watkins. Originally much larger, Watkins Creek Ranch sold much of its land to the Madison Power and Light Company in 1904 to make way for the Hebgen Lake Dam. Much of Watkins’ cattle were sold to <b>Yellowstone National Park while the remaining land was converted into a dude ranch</b>.

<b>Making of a DUDE</b> ?

[Image: 220px-Watkins-creek-ranch-cabin.png] [Image: 220px-Watkins-creek-ranch-fireplace.png]

Watkins Creek Ranch, guest cabin in 1947, construction somewhat MATCHES photos on page 122, 44 & 46 TTOTC, described as Watkins Creek "WEST YELLOWSTONE".

was entered into the National Register of Historic Places under the name Watkins Creek Ranch on December 27, 2006.


Watkins Creek

44.808003, -111.276597