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Hi everyone! I am EmsSillyGoose aka Jim B from Phoenix, AZ. I have been on 4 searches so far at about 2000 miles round trip per search with my 6 year old daughter, 3 year old son and my girlfriend. Each of my searches has been to the same area. I had only learned of the poem and hidden treasure in late March of this year and left on my first search the next afternoon, only to find I was much too eager and the entire area covered in snow. Since then, 3 searches in May. I plan another search in July or August if I can narrow down a location as my previous spot didn't work out. It is more about the challenge of solving the puzzle for me and the kids love the exploring and travelling. Good luck everyone!
Don't be shy about posting up your trip reports. I can't get out til the end of August so I love reading about other people's searches to keep me charged up.