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Full Version: Why Colorado is my main search state
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My first post here since finally getting approved Smile Unfortunately the general forum seems to have gone wacko Sad

Until I actually start having some solid solves, I'm not discounting any of the 4 states, but Colorado is my main.

My reasoning is simply:

his pinion nuts and sage comment.
It's the only hint he's ever tried to take back,
He had to have been subconsciously thinking about pinion nuts when asked about the treasure location for him to mention it,
And in his take-back said he meant pine, which he had already mentioned in his description. (so he meant to say he could smell pine, sage and pine?)

Speaking of sage, Colorado is the best area to have both pinion and sage

Being post 9-11 and with TSA and all, he wouldn't have flown with the chest. Too many eyes would have seen it and someone would have said something when the stories broke. So it would have to be driving distance from Santa Fe where family wouldn't have been able to say "He did take that long trip just last week..." when he confirmed to them that he had actually hid the chest.

And finally, Tea with Olga stands out in the book for a lot of people, and the strongest hint that keeps coming to my mind when I think about it is Red mountain, Green mountain and Black mountain. Of which Colorado has all 3.

Actually, he could have flown himself thus bypassing TSA and most other people, still leaves the other pretty strong reasons though.