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Full Version: Forrest stating the treasure has NOT been found
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“I have not received a photo of the treasure chest. Whoever is saying those things if puffing smoke. Ask them for the proof the offered. If I know that someone has found the treasure I will announce it on all of the blogs and my web site.”

Forrest Fenn May 1st, 2014

Wolf - Has someone recently claimed to have found the treasure or did FF just, out of the blue, volunteer that info on his own? Maybe some searchers keep asking him that over & over, & are "making the alligator mad". What do you think?
I don't know about this statement Wolf...I know it came from another blog, but something about the verbage and typos in it make me suspicious of the statement as being a direct quote from Mr. Fenn...more like someone paraphrasing him...and it's not his signature acknowledgement at the end...not saying he didn't say this, just suspicious looking to me...and what may have prompted this statement anyway?...haven't seen anything on Chase Chat to garner this response, maybe a comment or something from Dal's blog?...I dunno!... Smile
The quote came from my blog, The Fenn Diagrams on Wordpress.

There is a reason I used quotation marks. His exact words.

Thanks for sharing.

(Hmm, I thought my avatar would show. Oh well.)

Good luck all!

waterhigh - I like The Fenn Diagrams site - outstanding. Did FF write that to you personally because you thought someone had found the treasure?
I miss some of the wack jobs like the alien egg guy, GHW and a few more, oh I forgot Santa Fe too. Just kidding Santa Fe Smile
@waterhigh...Wasn't questioning your veracity there friend, hope you know that...Just looked like an awkward statement is all... like your site, keep up the good work and good luck in the chase... Smile

@will197532...Don't miss'em hijacking a thread with endless banter, but they were a bit of comic relief, no?... Smile

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<b>Quote from crazyfamily on May 5, 2014, 10:11 am</b>

This is a "call" on ciunisde to reveal her purported photos.


Ciunisde is still sleeping besides the chest.

So every time I see her name I read it as c you inside am I dyslectic?