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Full Version: when ff left to hide treasure
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i'm not saying this is true but some searcher emailed and said

they heard from someone that when ff left to hide the treasure

he told Peggy he was gonna be gone for the night

but then he was gone for 2 weeks

it's probably not true. but an interesting story

he said that he's been wanting to tell me that story, for some time

also gave me some good advice

if you're out searching and come across another person

look lost and confused and say your name is alice

but don't say anything about a baried treasure

or the specially marked cartography map in your pocket

edit: i changed the f to ff in case people might not know who i was referring to
if the poem is hinting that wise is an owl

what color is the owl?
I'm Fred; the owl is gray.
(05-21-2020, 07:18 PM)easternOHsteve Wrote: [ -> ]I'm Fred; the owl is gray.

i think the poem is saying to consider a specific colored owl. not gray

perhaps one that hails from the waters of Indea
off-blue mirrors

actually reddish looking at the beak end

and the owl hides the blaze until you reach that point

I know Chris
maybe the owl is the blaze
I've been all over the top and around the owl; you are coming along the road (walking) and a glorious blaze suddenly appears (above) from behind his beak. You must look down immediately between you and the blaze. It's a secret where. It is somewhere in that triangle 1 mile long leg and 10 mile hypotenuse. Remember me trying to ask you about your adjustment of the poem? What did Forrest say he found while walking with his father? And that is the blaze which is near the key. I am not playing with words here; and know what the GE opener refers to!
I am at the "to cease" part; there is still something that I am missing maybe. It is a large area you know.
i remember i told another searcher one time that when f suggested stephanie might faint, i think it was a fake hint

the searcher said this observation just blew him away

then he suggested it might have something to do with the Muskogee Indian

i was like, what? thats a weird connection to make

i guess some people dance to a different tune

we all paddle up different creeks, you know what i mean

anyway, that was around the time i was trying to send several telegrams to Mark Hamill

edit to add: i should mention that at one point i got a response from Mark, and he was like, how many telegrams are you going to send me?

and i said, five mark. just five.
Now Carrie Fisher was a good-looking woman; I'm 6 months older than Skywalker. Maybe 15% of the ff hints are, but they are close. I still haven't figured out these CC hinters yet. I do dance to a different drum; I'm 1/16 E. Cherokee.

And I'm not Elizabeth!
im reading about Natasha Romanoff, the black widow

also, im reading about black widow spiders

did you know they are known as Latro-dectus?

thats interesting

i remember expending some effort one time to look in the trees and i found a latro-dectus web

little did i know the spider was right next to me and she looked pretty peeved

i was like, sorry for checking out your web!

and the spider said, thats ok, im just pissed at my hubby. he better bring home a dozen flowers! or else im gonna eat him!
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