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Full Version: TTOTC chapter, "Bessie and Me"
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How does the hypothetical new searcher looking to confirm Bisti Badlands, New Mexico as a possible location of Forrest’s hidden chest? How does the searcher discern that a possible answer to Forrest’s riddle, “tight focus with a word that is key,” is the word “I?”

In the first sentence of the chapter titled, “Bessie and Me,” Forrest calls the Guernsey calf, “a beautiful fawn colored animal.” An animal that is known for “draught work” is a cow and can be described as a “beast of burden”. Animal = Beast. Bessie is a Beast.

If the word “I,” is the word that is key that Forrest was hinting at (“tight focus with a word that is key”), remembering that “I,” is another word for “Me,” (from chapter “Me in the Middle” string), then it can be constructed that the title of this chapter, (“Bessie and Me”), could read, “Bessie and I”. Although grammatically wrong it does not matter because the hypothetical searcher is using abstraction to gain new conceptual data points to formulate a vector (trail of breadcrumbs).

To answer the Questions in the first paragraph, consider the Hints:

Hint #1 Bessie and Me
Hint #2 Bessie and I
Hint #3 Bessie is a beast of burden (a milk cow)

Combining the above elements, we get:
Bessie – Beast – the word (or word “I” or the letter “i”)
Bessie + Beast + i = Bisti

This abstraction provides another conceptual data point to render the word “I” is a word that is key in Forrest’s riddle, “tight focus with a word that is key.” In this case “I,” is set to equal the letter, “i”.

Abstraction allows the hypothetical new searcher to create conceptual data points (breadcrumbs), for an answer to Forrest’s riddle; “tight focus with a word that is key”. Three data points so far:

1. The “Bisti question for your brain string” shows “I,” and “Eye,” and New Mexico.

2. TTOTC chapter titled, “Me in the middle” string shows that the word “I” is another conceptual data point (bread crumb).

3. This string titled, “TTOTC chapter, “Bessie and Me,” utilizing, “I,” and “i,” to render another conceptual data along with Bisti Badlands, New Mexico again.

Skepticism should be maintained to keep confirmation bias in check. These three items are only conceptual data points, more will follow. How many conceptual data points are necessary to provide a trail of breadcrumbs that will inspire the hypothetical searcher with ambition to make a trip?