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Full Version: Please wear bright red
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<b>The American Southwest and the Rocky Mountains at the moment are thick with hunters trying to slay elk and deer. Some districts are currently opened to bow hunters; others are, or soon will be, open to rifle hunters. People seeking the Forrest Fenn treasure <i>should wear a very bright, "non-natural" color</i> so that hunters will be less likely to mistake them for legitimate prey. There are a bloody hell of a lot of stupid, lazy people out there with guns at the moment, and most of them are loaded down with alcohol.</b>
Bright orange might get cops chasing you if any prisoners got loose in NM. LOL

Up at Murph's Hole, Colorado, I caught two bow hunters cutting a barbed-wire fence, around 4:40 AM Thursday. I snuck up on them in the dark, like Rambo, and demanded to know why they were cutting the fence when the gate a few dozen feet away was not locked. They jumped on their ATVs and fled.

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<b>Quote from NTMI on September 28, 2014, 10:30 pm</b>

Good on ya, Desertphile! Unethical as I may be as a treasure hunter, I am an ethical hunter. I hope you scared the bejeebers out of them!

@Stephanie hikers are just as entitled as hunters. I once decided to confront the occupants of a vehicle that was driving past camp with the stereo blasting during hunting season. The end result was that the two female occupants got out of the vehicle and flashed me!

So NTMI were you like a frozen deer staring into headlights then? Were they low or high beams?