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Full Version: In Rio Chama Gorge today
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There were at least three people searching for the Forrest Fenn treasure in and along Rio Chama today: two women as a team (maybe the two "Chasing the Thrill" women from Texas, or maybe the Kreis sisters), and a man alone. Andrew from here at the ranch was rounding up cattle in the gorge, and he talked with them.

The women seemed to not know where they were in relation to landmarks, and they asked where the monastery is--- they were about three miles up river from the monastery, in wilderness, and I cannot imaging how they got in there (parachutes I suppose). I wonder if they are still alive. Otch, well. I assume they had someone at the monastery waiting for them, after their hike down from the north.

The man is named "Dave," and he has either a lover or spouse named "Mike." He freely gave his biography, though he wasn't asked for it and nobody cares. "Dave" insisted that "where warm waters halt" is a metaphor for some lofty, spiritual, magical, bunnies-and-light New Age (rhymes with "Sewage") bullshit location that some how lead him into the Rio Chama Gorge. After "Dave" explained this to Andrew, he then demanded 25% of the treasure if Andrew used the "solution to the clue" to find the treasure. I think I met "Dave" at Collected Works Book Store several months back; I have also heard the "it's a metaphor" explanation several times from other people. "Dave" had an empty back pack with him large enough to carry the treasure chest inside--- he was that sure he would find it. He also had a pistol stuck behind his belt buckle, which seems to me to perhaps be the worse place to carry a pistol.

Also it seems to me that "where warm waters halt" is not a metaphor, but actually means where warm waters halt. Silly me, yeah, I know.

It is people like this that make me enjoy the hunt for the chest: they are taking risks, in the hope of fulfilling a dream. Those are the kind of people I like to know--- not the lazy shits who have a dream, and sit on their asses hoping their dreams come true while making excuses for not working up a sweat. If they dream of gold, they gotta blister and bleed a little.

Hope to meet you Desertphile, I like your grit...No BS, just pure country here...No disrespect either, I know you work hard and this I too know...I'll be buyin'... Smile
I searched every inch up there, including every tributary, of the 8.25 miles from the Monastery down to Big Eddy Take Out. I also hiked all of the surrounding CDT up Mesa de los Viejos and up around ojitos springs. Hell, Douglas Preston wrote some books representing the area. But, before all that, I searched up around El Vado Reservoir and below the dam for several miles. Then, Sir Forrest Fenn of Nottingham dropped the bomb he was carrying under his wing when he said WWWH has nothing to do with a dam. 8O Luckily, I had already given up on that hypothesis.

But I'm glad I searched up there, because although I had been up there before, It wasn't until I explored every inch of it that I could say that, "I knew this place for the first time." :-) That is one f****** beautiful place!! And it is one of those areas on our earth that IS very special. Very impressive!! You're lucky to live in such a serene, yet archaic place, -- no place for the "meek", Desertphile. I know I'm glad I spent all that time "IN" there, even if I didn't find it. :-) It's been over a year. I'll get back up there though, and do some camping and boating. I'd like to go back up into some of those slot canyons.
I don't believe Preston has any property in or around the Rio Chama Wilderness Area. I think his property is further south around Abiquiu or between Abiquiu Lake and Youngsville? I was under the impression that he just liked to go to the Rio Gallina Ranch to write.
Doug does not have property any where near Rio Chama. His ranch is indeed to the south, near "lake Abiquiu."
You guys know there is hot springs below el vado dam don't you there off the river!

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<b>Quote from honey hole aka jackalobe hunter on February 28, 2015, 2:48 am</b>

You guys know there is hot springs below el vado dam don't you there off the river!

At the moment Rio Chama Gorge is 9 inches in snow. The treasure chest is also covered in snow. :-)
Yep a good day to stay home and play board games if you old like

I dont plan on going anywhere today. Now that I said that.... you know how that works? Smile
If we only knew how many inches or feet of snow.

How do you post pictures on here?
Two miles from Rio Chama. Snow sucks!

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[Image: s9fza-2015snow.jpg]
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