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Full Version: new scrapbook entry
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One thing that is reacurring is the Jarred awake and has me lost
Hi Will, In TTOTC, the chapter about the bells and jars,(far and away the most interesting chapter) immediately follows the jarred awake comment.
One thing I noticed was the time frame of six hours from 0300 to 0900 stated as beginning and ending

He says "jolted" in scrapbook 96... not jarred
I don't have a copy of TTOTC in front of me but the story of Kidd the pirate didn't he say jarred?
Yes Will he did.
So why jarred awake and also why did he forget?

a wake is a path, especially through water. Does he make the statement in relation to water?
Hi astree, Yes, in as much as he said that he dreamed that he went to Gardiner's Island, looking for the treasure.
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