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Full Version: Scrapbook One Hundred.....
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Well, I guess we know who and what the 'running man' in Scrapbook Twenty-three is.
Why would he hold a football with only one arm? :-)

Why do people fight? Well, I don't know. Probably because that's what humans have been doing since the dawn of mankind? You can always watch the news. 8O
Well I got something completely different from it. LOL Stephanie will have to send me to the corner though. Kittens?Really? Troy warriors? LOL

Ok I am going to the corner on my own. Smile
Blue of course, its azuredeb. So my corner is blue. Has nothing to do with
I'm coming around on u Deb.

It seems like a made up story, telling us that we have to squeeze in to score.

IMO. of course

This scrapbook follows, from the ones I've seen, the first scrapbook with a " point five " in it. The football in this is a PRO5.

( ROW 5 ... Begin it where warm waters halt )

The stick figure may contain letters / numbers ( " 777 " or "LLL" ? )


<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from PL289 on October 23, 2014, 8:09 am</b>

Could it mean the game is on the 1-yard line and almost over?

PL289 - I was wondering about that also, as there seems to have possibly been other subtle hints like that in the recent past.

In the Mysterious Writings "Forrest Fenn, Who Will You Tell? he stated "With snow coming on the situation, this changes things of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I'd stay very quiet until spring.f"

Perhaps knowing that someone has figured out his poem is giving him the opportunity to showcase whatever he would like to share. Sometimes though, I worry (based on my own location) that too many hints are hidden in his comments. I personally wonder if he is chomping at the bit to contact those 3 media sources he has mentioned and that the "oops, I forgot to mention" additional item in the chest isn't something amazing that would generate quite the publicity!

Like you, I would hate to hear that his health was an issue or consideration. It's going to be quite the ride this long winter's night.
IMO...He is still tempting the large mouth bass to come out of hiding...He has been of late throwing a multitude of hints to someone... Smile
And/or the stick man just got arrow fired at his heart
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