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Full Version: did he ever say it was in new mexico
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i believe i could take u within 20 foot of it and because i have cancer if i were to find it i would pay my chemo bills off and the rest i would donate to find a cure for cancer in mr.fenns name

[Image: 42vvy-mqdefault.jpg]
Welcome, sorry about your health. Where do you live and what state do you think the TC is in?
colorado, and kansas

just makes sense no real water in n.m. or caves ect.or canyons
happy hunting
No caves in NM?

No water? No canyons? If you say so.

Good luck to you!
sixx....You must not know NM very well. many many caves and canyons. some of the most fun areas to explore.
Sorry about your cancer, I hope you are getting good care? Hearing that term is a big shock. Treatments are so much better than they used to be, and getting better all the time. I wish you health, happiness and peace.

There are lots of archives to read here, at Dals and at Mikes blog. In four years there has been so much discussed. If you throw out an idea, someone may have some useful information for you. Good Luck! Smile
i lived in abq,nm from 13-38 and all i got out of that hell was asun burn it was to hot to ever journey outside

what u guys think on this one

If you’ve been wise

“Wise” is referring to Keystone Street. “Keystone” was King Solomon’s word for the wise. This is the last street before you approach the shrine. The shrine is 500 feet from the access road.

And found the blaze

The “blaze” is referring to a Blazon, which is a coat of arms. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is surrounded by the Lord’s eternal light and is commonly referred to as Christ’s coat of arms. This would be the coat of arms on the marble statue of Jesus at the Christ of the Mines Shrine.

Look quickly down

Bow your head.

Your quest to cease

Your journey has come to an end.

But tarry scant with marvel gaze

“Tarry” — to wait around or delay

“Scant” — a short period of time

“With marvel gaze” — “marvel” is to be wowed; gaze is to admire the beauty

Just take the chest and go in Peace
for the readers i have stage 2 bone cancer as a result of my implants rupturing and if i were to find the treasure i would pay my medical bills off buy abetter rv and donate rest to find a cure for cancer thats my plan
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