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Full Version: Benet Davetians analisis of Mr. Fenn
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I think this is a good video to watch, he say's some interesting things about the structure of the poem, that some of the more knowledgeable people might be able to use, "I couldn't pass basic English" I do agree with his analysis of mr. Fenn.
I like the video and felt he was highly respectful of Mr. Fenn! Thank you James Perotti for mentioning this~
James, as I recall, when that video was first released, he stated in the beginning that he was going to share some of what he discovered in the poem. He went through his dissertation on Forrest and that was it. So far I haven't heard anything about his finding the chest. His commentary became very questionable in my opinion. Although, from a completely Psychological point of view, all he really did was create a character analysis on Forrest. Something I believe any intelligent person could have done. Especially after being in this search and reading Fenn's book and anything else they learned about him. But then this is only my opinion.
I do not respect BD nor do I think that video was worth a darn.

I agree with what GG said as well.