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Full Version: Media seeking interviews at Fennboree 2015
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A few media people wish to interview people who have been looking for Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure: notably, CBS and CNN, but also a few other media people including a freelance writer for Outside Magazine. Perhaps if you plan on attending Fennboree 2015 you would talk to some of these people.
Cool David, I will finally be able to cross off my 15 minutes of shame on my bucket list. Hope its a slow news day when they broadcast it. Thanks but I will pass my interview time to JayA and Beachy because those would be a much more newsworthy interviews. Beachy can tell the world how she lostly found the Beachy Bear cave and JayA will, well you will just have to wait to see but it will be just like you will lose it when finding it and opposite of Beachy's finding it when you lose it.
I plan on hiding from the media until they all leave.
Hi Desertphile, did you need to know ahead of time/do they want to talk beforehand, or can we decide when we get there?
Fennites can decline to talk to the media, of course, and the media people know to ask permission first. This year I had thought no one in the media was interested, so I was surprised when a few contacted me and asked if they could come and talk to people.
Where is the Fennboree this year?

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<b>Quote from Goosfraba on April 17, 2015, 5:36 pm</b>

Where is the Fennboree this year?

The nights of May 22 and 23. Details are here:

Everyone is *IS* anyone will be there. :-)
Maybe next year, if the search & Fennboree are still going, we'll plan our trip for May.
It will be found this year, only Leprechauns can find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Or didn't you notice that hint right before the poem?