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Full Version: Our first family adventure.
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I first heard of the chase in March. I was reading the news online and saw an article about Mr. Fenn and his chest of gold. I printed the poem and researched it for a few weeks, then decided to order the book. It really didn't help much but it did make me laugh. I did more hunting for WWWH and HOB. I had been searching for answers for about 8 weeks when it happened. I found what it meant, home of Brown. It took me about a week to pick out my location. I talked to my gf about going out for a look and we set out at the beginning of June. We (me, my gf, and our 11 yr old daughter)left work at 4 on a Friday and reach "The Spot" at 4:30 Saturday afternoon, it rained on us the whole trip there. We got all the necessary supplies together, 2 cans of bear spray. When I first saw the entrance to the trail my stomach dropped, it looked nothing like it did online. It looked like a wonderland for Grizzlies. I think we got up the trail maybe 30 yards when I saw the huge path that went through the trees and my heart almost stopped. I just knew there was a bear at the other end of it. I pressed on yelling, HEY BEAR!!! My girlfriend didn't make a sound and my daughter who hadn't shut up for the last 15 hours wasn't making a peep. Go figure! I think we made it another 40 yards or so before I stopped and said I wasn't sure about this. I asked myself if a million dollars was worth my families safety and that answer was easy. We turned around and headed back to the car soaking wet and tired. We got a room, had a hot bath and pizza and slept like babies.

Welcome and that story was funny.

For me about two tears ago looking in the wilderness near Cimmaron we did not see bears but we passed an area that was an elk graveyard and some of the bones still where red, I had the heeby jibbies the whole time I was

there. I keep singing loudly "Good ole Mountain Dew" and "High Ho High Ho off to the chest i go" which certainly scared away the brown bears or coyotes, more than likely I think they were not hungry. I am a big scardy cat and have trouble sleeping in thin fabric tents. Give me the Ramada Inn and I sleep like a baby.

Now I know that I am not likely to be harmed in the wilderness and that probably won't happen but will more likely be shot be a hunter not becase I look like a deer but to shut me up from singing. I think there is nothing wrong with being too civilized because I have no trouble sleeping and I am always dry.
And a fine trip it sounds like! Such terrible hardship you all went through---- like pioneers! The pizza must have been the hardest part to endure. :-) You did not say what kind of bears you might have expected, but brown bears will hear you and see you and smell you without any need on your part to make extra noise. GRIZ will also, but GRIZ might not run and hide like brown bears do.
Stephanie, we are going back next summer. We are moving in a few weeks and all the funds are going towards that right now. I have researched other places but none follow the poem like my first spot does, its just to perfect. I just hope no one else figures it out but if they do, its been fun looking.

Desertphile, if I had to put money on it, I would say Grizzly for sure.