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We leave Tuesday 6/2 for our trip to New Mexico, mostly sight-seeing, photography and visiting - but a bit of time in there for the Search. Will spend some time in Taos and Santa Fe, and will be in Albuquerque in time for the gathering at the Lizard Lounge on Saturday, June 20th. Our route (yes, it's roundabout) takes us thru Tucumcari, Hobbs, Las Cruces, Silver City & Grants (note that these are all south of Santa Fe), and out thru La Junta CO & Colby KS. There'll be a few other stops, as well.

We'll post our progress on our travel blog, daily if time permits.
Have a great trip, looking forward to meeting you at the Double L.
@ NTMI - Somehow missed your comment on our blog post from Santa Fe last year. Anyway, posted, better late than never.
Maybe I'll make it to Albuquerque and santa-fe
Sitting at the HIE in Los Alamos reflecting on our first day of half-a$$ hunting today - maybe only 1/100 a$$. Did get some ideas, like maybe the actual hiding spot in his special place is one of those little cavities so common in tuff deposits. Anyway, we'll be in Taos for the next 4 nights if anyone wants to meet for a beer or two. Not much detail, but we did mention where we were and include a picture of a typical Tuff deposit:

Hey, great! The party could be a good 'un.
Rain, rain go away, rain on Taos some other day. Any search plans we may have had were drenched in thunderstorms, with hail. We did get some good food & saw some places we'd never before visited before the rain set in.
In Santa Fe, going to museums and watching clouds. We missed a chance to meet Forrest today - he emailed "c'mon over" while we were out being tourists. Hope we can cross paths w/ him tomorrow.
Missed Forrest again today. We were at Museum Hill (near his house) and he was at Collected Works. But, we have a visit tomorrow at 10 before we head for ABQ and the LL.
I hope for you it happens. Good luck.

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