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Hi, y'all. I've been a "lurker" for some time. I have enjoyed the posts on numerous "Fenn" blogs, and have jumped into the fray with all four feet. Glad Stephanie resurrected her blog, some of the others, while entertaining get tedious to say the least. I m the product of a Texas Cow College which wasn't the home of many "towering intellectuals" when I entered as a "Fish", freshman, 50 years ago. We integrated and went co-ed the same semester I enrolled. We now have our 2nd Hiesman Trophy winner, Johnny Football, and "wait till next year" takes on a whole new meaning for the "Faithful."

I found the poem almost two months ago via the San Antonio Express News Web Site. I found I needed, nay, wanted the book to see what it had to offer. Now I am fully in the "Cult of the Riddler." I love puzzles, have little skill at solving riddles, and think I am creative. I will not reveal clues, you know just like the rest of you. "The Chase" is a personal thing, but is it ever hard to quell the urge to share. We all want everyone to know how smart we are, you know the old validation process. It gets worse as you reach Medicare Age.

I will post my thoughts masked with as much subterfuge as Fenn's. We are both "Fighter Jocks" and warriors. We can keep secrets. My Top Secret Clearance said I can and must do that. I will reveal some thoughts that might be of interest before I actually go on my search in the near future. I searched for long lost friends for the last 25 years, then I ran out of names. The Golden Frog has given me a new puzzle and a riddle to solve. Hope the Frog is still lurking when I go on my physical search. The WWWH will then take on its ugly reality.

Yikes I read "I'm the product of a Texas Cow" and for a second or three I was wondering how you managed to work a keyboard....

As for reaching Medicare age, it does not help much having medical expense coverage when there are no doctors and not medical care (such as in northern New Mexico). People dying from gunshot wounds, snake bite, or atomic bomb blasts are required to stagger northward in to Colorado.