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Full Version: FF Gives Title to the Gold, but What About the Rest?!
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In his poem, FF gives the one who finds the treasure title to the gold in the chest, but what about the bronze chest itself and all the other non-gold items in it?

The man LOVES bronze, there has to be a reason he just says gold in the poem, IMO.
I was curious about that myself. I'm not a lawyer but it's a possibility that if the box is found after Fenn's death that his estate attorney

can sue the finder for the non-gold contents and box and make it part of Fenn's estate if there is no provision for it in his will. Whoever finds it better have a good lawyer as well as a good accountant.


Best case scenario is Forrest left a letter saying all contents are presented as a gift and date and sign it.

Then the estate will have to pay the taxes for it (NOT THE FINDER) and have no legal right to the contents or the chest.

Forrest says that he thought of everything....

Why would we be surprised if Forrest didn't add a twist to it all? I'm amazed at how adept he is at keeping secrets....I've said it before...Perhaps the chest and contents (not just the bracelet) go to Forrest and the finder is "very pleased" with Door #2. Who wouldn't be pleased with the "chest" going to a museum and the finder living "happily ever after"? Just saying...

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so how does this work exactly. Forrest said he took it in, in 2 trips. the bronze chest and then the contents.

so when we find it, we call up Fenn and ask if we can take the whole thing, and then he says "No, i told you in the poem you can have the Gold only !!!"

this post makes me want to go beat my head into a brick wall. thanks