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Full Version: Megs here
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Hey everyone. I'm Megs from Dals blog. I don't know why it still comes up as heebeejeebez (despite changing it on my profile). That's a nickname I've used online since I was it stuck. Anyway! I have been a Fenner since around January...coming into the fold along with the first wave of people who heard on the news.

My fist "search" was more of a scout. I went up to the Hebgen Lake area on St Patricks, that was cold...and an hour outside of the location I wanted, it was snowing. I knew it was going to be a pointless trip going into it, but living in Utah makes it close enough we just made a day trip out of it. My hubby and I got as close as we could to my location, but were impeded by a 6 foot wall of snow. So, we turned around and drove 5 hours home. I even got out of a speeding ticket Wink

So, I have yet to return to my spot up there, as every weekend keeps filling up with events and work.. Which also prevents me from checking my other locations around Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and eventually Santa Fe. I've decided, because Im close to them all, and I have a hybrid sports car...I can drive to any location quickly, while getting good gas mileage Wink

I mentioned in another post that I will be excited for anyone who finds the treasure (if not myself). It's one of those experiences that has me excited for the outcome no matter what. I would love to find it, but will share in the joy with whoever does.

Which also means, if anyone needs me to look for them, I'm very happy to do that. I would like to keep a few pieces for prosperity, but if your clues lead me to it, it's yours. If we collaborate, then we split it. Pretty simple.

I don't care about the dollar value of the treasure, I care about the historical value. It's not a's much much more valuable than that. It's a collection you keep and treasure. Would I possibly sell a bit or two I didn't care to hold on to? Maybe... Just because in these times, it would help. But the treasure in large would be best kept.

As for who I am- I'm a sports massage therapist. Certified for almost 7 years now. I work with every level of athlete from amateur to professional to Olympic. I've travelled around the country with my teams, and have loved learning about the history of the places I go. I failed history and geography in elementary school, so I think I've been making up for it as an adult. It's fascinating! And Fenn's chase has only fueled the desire to learn everything I can about the states surrounding me. It's been a great experience just in the research side, and I can't wait to get back out and search my locations!

Happy Hunting!