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Full Version: The Cipher debate
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What White Knight has found is exquisitely complex--it's not something I could have found, and I'm grateful he did. Your quote is apropos as well.

Xavier, I believe what White Knight found is very much correct. He's found three things: the baseball cards, the list of animals, and the directions.

White Knight believes the baseball cards give starting coordinates to be 'northwest', and he's correct again, but the 'northwest starting point' isn't for the treasure chest map.

The baseball cards are clues for a telephone keypad.

The 'ED' are two of the letters of the '3 key'. The 'JK' are two of the letters of the 'middle key' What's missing from this sequence of 3 keys is the FIRST KEY--the 1 KEY. 'Missing' is an excellent description since it's blank, and the '1 key' is the 'northwest starting point'.

The two letters that are missing from the letter sequence are the 'L' from the middle key and the 'F' from the '3 key'. LF = 12 6 or 1-26. The baseball cards are collecting clues to create an A to Z alphabet utilizing a telephone keypad.

It's not going to help find the chest. We're not supposed to be here yet.

The three sets of clues that White Knight has discovered have an interrelationship that I don't know if he's aware or not.

1. The 'Baseball Cards' are 'BC' as in 'Before Christ'. Published in the 1930's. They represent PAST.
2. The first two animals on his last are SNAKES. 2--SNAKES. SNAKE/SERPENT/PRESENT. 2--PRESENT
3. The first and last of his directions: Go west. YOUNG MAN. A grey 'F' sign: A grey Forrest Fenn sign is GRAY HAIR: OLD MAN. A set of directions that start with 'young man' and travel to 'old man': FUTURE.

I'm very much of the mind this isn't going to help locate the chest, but that doesn't invalidate White Knight's work one iota.


I think you’re confusing folk with all these extra associations. They're kind of wild.

The point of a set of directions is that they lead somewhere. The point of a set of directions in the TTOTC treasure hunt is they lead to the treasure chest. If Forrest had made it more complicated than this it's unlikely anyone would ever have found the chest.

Forrest had a set of directions going from a starting point to the treasure chest and disguised these using a couple of steps that had to be revealed by a Searcher. That's it. To solve the riddle and get the chest the Searcher reveals the directions by reversing the steps Forrest introduced.

I’m not sure what your ‘greater purpose’ is. From some of your previous posts I started to get the impression that there were religious undertones creeping in: Something along the lines that Forrest the 'author' is a new Messiah leading us to enlightenment. Please reassure me that my ‘secular’ radar has malfunctioned?
LOL. No new messiah. There are religious undertones to some of the clues: a star of the east, wise men, and the concept of a middle cross, but they're for puzzle purposes, not creating religious fervor. Smile
I've encountered both Biblical verses and mother goose verses along the way.

And I'll halt with the extra associations. I'm very happy with what you've posted; directions DO lead somewhere. It's just not time for them.

Consider this: You've proved yourself extraordinarily intelligent by discovering all of this to begin with. You think about the puzzle every single day. If this set of directions led to the chest, if anybody would have discovered it by now, wouldn't you be the one? I have a lot of faith in someone who proved able to find this cipher. Might the possibility you haven't discovered the chest is the directions aren't for the chest?

I have one last idea of where I may have gone wrong with interpreting the final bit of the directions. I’m probably going to check this out next year unless someone gets there in the meantime.

After that I'm out of ideas.

I’m familiar with the whole solution so it’s hard for me to review each part of it without jumping to the next part. It’s a bit like an author should never proof-read or edit their own work because they know what’s coming next and that invokes the picture already drawn in their mind. They don’t draw a new picture from scratch.

Each person’s mind works differently. I know others see interpretations that I haven’t. So it may be obvious to one Searcher how to home-in on the right spot.

If a Searcher lives in the US this makes it far easier to check out on the ground any interpretation they come up with and in turn increases the chance of the chest being found. Unfortunately I'm in the UK.


Nah, not some new religion. Just too far to walk as a boy, and too far to walk as an older gent.
Come on white, how many books? More than 100 more than 500 more than a thousand?

It seems that you have found a solve that works for you..and the knight..and Holly I guess..I haven't seen too many others drinking the white juice. Does that mean we are just a bunch of dolts who can't hold even hold ff's intellectual jockstrap? Lest we not forget that good research materials are GE, TTOTC, and a map...I don't think I need to quote the SB on ciphers again...ooops...or the fact that history won't help or specialized knowledge, or any number of illogical approaches Briggsy has come up with. From your posts you seem to be 1) messing with the poem...2) falling into the knights mind numbing slushpile of ridiculous animal references, and now baseball cards??? Gimme a break man...Rooster Cogburn? Spiderman!!!?? WTF? Good luck...i'm with Decall on this one...why does this garbage solve need to be pandered in book form? Oh yeah...$$$.

Hints provided within TTOTC are used a number of times in the solution:

For example Forrest described the grooves in his hands produced by washing dishes as appearing to be like ‘deep canyons’. This was an odd description to use and to me obviously a hint. ~The answer relevant to this hint is Antelope Canyon. One of the animal references you mention.

The clue from the poem that points to this answer is:

‘there’ll be no paddle up you creek just heavy loads and water high’

Antelope Canyon fills temporarily due to flash floods and then drains. It’s not possible to ‘paddle up the creek’ as the water only remains for a brief time and flows as a torrent. The heavy loads are the suspended boulders deposited along the canyon.

Also in TTOTC there are a couple of good hints for use later on in the solution where baseball cards are involved.

For example in the chapter ‘Looking for Lewis & Clark’ Forrest talks about ‘Babe Ruth’ candy bars – rather than ‘Baby Ruth’ candy bars. Mentioning the type of candy bar is unnecessary detail for the story and by using this deliberate mistake he introduces a baseball reference.

You need to consider that for it to take 15 years for Forrest to set the riddle it would require the set of geographical directions provided by Forrest to be at least one step removed from the given text of the poem.

My solution isn’t ‘messing with the poem’ it’s finding the right answers to clues in the poem leaving the poem exactly as it is, then accurately and precisely ‘messing’ with those answers to reveal the geographical directions.

I think that's getting overly cynical. If it was 'Baby Ruth' that would be better possible product placement, but a dead baseball player, not too likely.
@White Night, us who believe that the poem is not included in ff's scrapbook 62 list got another get out of jail free card last night from ff. On the Expeditions Unkown show ff states if you're a serious searcher go back to looking for the clues in the POEM. This doesn't look good for your interpretation of that list. How do I keep predicting these things so well? Lol
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