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Full Version: The Cipher debate
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the one in the middle, is second.

blood IS thicker than water

Why would Forrest engineer a set of geographical directions into the riddle if they didn’t lead to the treasure? I don’t see him as a double-bluffer.

He disguised the directions to make it hard but I think it’s unlikely he provided a set of useless geographical directions just to waste everyone’s time.

Doc says he's basing some of his own theories on the steps I’ve revealed starting from the clues in the poem to the rest of the disguise formulated by Forrest. But, I’ve already said I think Doc’s extra associations are fanciful; as is his belief that the directions are designed deliberately not to lead anywhere.

My solution doesn’t require additional external complexity or marrying to other theories. The basis and method for solving the riddle is all there within the bounds I’ve provided.

What’s required is someone to find the one square peg that I’ve hammered into a round hole somewhere towards the end of the solution.
(11-20-2015, 03:03 PM)Hammertime Wrote: [ -> ]I dont think there is a set of directions. I think it is a process of eliminating of what is in front of you and going with what is left.

Its like the math/logic riddle/problem: If there are 10 apples on the table and you take away 3, how many apples do you have.
Some answer 7, some answer 3. Logic says 3, but math says 7. So is logic right or is math right?

Find the fallacies and turn them into logic. The only set of directions are the ones that you create from logic. You have to know where to begin though. The only way to know where to begin is to know where the chest is. So the next best thing is logic. logic will tell you where to begin, and logic will tell you where to go. There is a reason for the 85/15 truth. Everything is a catch 22.

Forrest - "You can have my treasure"
Searcher- "Really? whats the catch".
Forrest- "You have to find it! But I would like to have my Silver Bracelet back, if you find it. It has 22 turquoise beads"
Searcher- "But wait, I thought there was only gold in the chest"
Forrest- " Wink ".

************** Please be aware that this is not an actual conversation of Forrest. ********

Actually logic and math both dictate that "you" have 3 more than "you" started with which is an unknown number. The only thing "you" can say is that there are now 7 apples on the table and at least 3 in "your" possession if "you" didn't place them elsewhere.

Forrest said solving the riddle would lead a Searcher straight to the chest. This suggests that a set of directions would be revealed within the output of solving the riddle.

To find the chest necessitates Forrest providing a set of directions with some level of accuracy. I don’t think Searchers could conjure up their own set of directions to achieve this level of accuracy.

I believe prior knowledge and guidance by Forrest to the location is required.

Forrest took 15 years to create the riddle precisely because he encoded a set of geographical directions proceeding in steps from a starting point to the location of the chest.

I'm talking about the geographical directions to the chest. Are you talking about something else? If what Forrest has told you is 'very clear' I think you'd have solved the riddle long ago.


Situational Conditions

Andrew, these conditions are out of your control, but they are advantages for some native searchers. They put you at a disadvantage. It forces you to basically rely on what you read. Natives like me who have lived in the search area for decades automatically put their noses to the wind and say, 'There!' There meaning not Montana.

Your predicament draws my sympathy. There's not much I can do except to say that your deciphering and translating of the poem is profoundly wrong. It's a situational situation, the conditions mentioned above. You'll never overcome the native advantage. I sense that you feel this now. What is your option? Short of moving to the USA there really isn't one, and you're more than 60 years behind at least one situational native.

I’m impressed you’ve managed to live in all four States at the same time for decades.

I managed to rule out Montana without having to visit it.

Searchers are supposed to rely on what they read. It’s called solving the riddle.

It hasn’t been that much of a disadvantage for me with the situational situation being in-situ, situated in the UK, given that the solution I’ve provided is correct. That's the only relevant situation.
No, I don't get the Sheldon / Shelton ref.
(11-22-2015, 01:27 PM)PL289 Wrote: [ -> ]Disregard most of what I post. Midlife crisis in progress, road work ahead.

I just hope, for your sake, you improve your opinion of yourself.
Don't think this means anything to anyone in the UK?
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