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Full Version: Ideas for the Search & Rescue team
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(01-21-2016, 01:16 PM)Yoda Wrote: [ -> ]But he was already at the east rim and took the pics on Dec 24? Why raft down from buckman? Why not just drive back out there like he did on Dec 24th?
I'm thinking that he rafted down the stream becasue the poem says "put in below the home of Brown" It appears he was trying to follow the poem precisely. There is no doubt in my mind that he went to the lower falls. But one can't fixate on just that. The evidence shows the raft and don't forget the dog is on east side.

So logically he either finished his search and went to east side OR maybe he was climbing up that other steep ravine on the east side where he took the photo from to "line up the blaze".
So are the X-s located shortly off of a trail -?
Stephanie- does Forrest and the searchers today have this map?
Since I still don't have a great view of the map. I'm like the blind man asking for directions.

Most the x's appear to be leading on trails to the rim of Rio Grande canyon, yes?

One set appear on a 4wd trail to the Top of Frijoles, yes? Randy had a 4WD??

So is this the maps he was following to get to the top of Frijoles on Christmas.

Sorry about my ignorance, but the map is very blurry on my screen.
I think he could have gone from the rim on road to this point on the power line road:
From there he could go east on road, mainly, to Buckman Rd. (I would take the gully south of Ortiz Peak to Buckman which doesn't look bad.) The total distance from rim to Buckman Crossing where his car is is about 16 miles on cold firm road. It wouldn't have been a bad walk. He could probably do it in 5-6 hours after gaining the rim. I have to believe that after exiting Lower Frijoles he was done treasure hunting for the day. Leo could not do that walk. So he's gonna bring the car back to his point of closest approach to the east rim then go back down for Leo. There are probably other ways but as far as traveling by road this looks the most direct to me. A road is worth a lot. You'd have a fair chance of getting a ride on Buckman rd which could save 7-8 miles.

There are 4 x's on the map: 1 in Sandoval Co and 3 in Santa Fe county. The southern most Santa Fe X is smaller and fainter.
Rick, are you saying he went down to G?

If so, did he leave the raft and made it up to E, then G with the dog and then fell. Then Leo, not knowing what to do after that, smells his way back to the raft and leaves behind no trace of Randy who's far from him at G.
Can someone point out where the raft was found in relation to the X- s Randy drew?
can someone who can see this map clearly please say what specifically would be at each X if you can?
Thanks yoda
Sorry, if my poor resolution is making me misinterpret.

Two of the x's on Ricky's typo map (thanks so much Ricky) look like they are in waterfall canyons? Am I seeing that correctly?

If they are, then water high, may have been waterfalls for Randy?

(*warning! cussing to ensue) Bloody, lousy screen!

No, both x's were to gain vantage points for Frijoles canyon? North and South vantage points looking west?