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Full Version: Introducing myself
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I am a retired Musician and a songwriter --no big hits yet, but working on it. I collect many different things such as coins, arrowhead, pocket knives. baseball cards and more. I have always fancied myself as a treasure hunter and have a couple of metal detectors and many artifacts that I have recovered. I am excited about Fenn's treasure chest and come spring I may attempt to locate it as I have a good fact based theory on where the location might be. Searching for a partner to share the adventure and the expenses. I live in Georgia and am 66 years old male. I have traveled the world playing music and did it when road maps were the only directions available. Good luck to everyone!
Welcome Rodeo...Happy to have you aboard...Also 66 and live in TN, on Walden's Ridge N of Dunlap and S of Pikeville...Luck with partnering, maybe or maybe not...Good bunch of people on here, currently everyone concentrating on the search for one of our lost treasure seekers...Might get some discussion on the subject of treasure later on...Right now Randy Bilieu is probably our only topic of interest...Follow along and again, welcome to the group...
Thanks, samsmith! I read about the missing hunter and certainly hope and pray that he is found alive and well and the sooner the better! I am originally from Nashville, grew up there, graduated from East Nashville High and then from Martin College(now called Martin Methodist College) I would be interested in planning a trip in the spring out towards Santa Fe, lets talk! My email is and I am about 70 miles south of Choo Choo town(Chattanooga) Thanks again for the welcome note!!!