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2 plus decades living in the Rockies around 10,000 ft. My first search season I lived in the Rockies completing more than a dozen botg searches in Colorado and New Mexico. Meet Fenn 2015 search season in Santa Fe at La Fonda hotel Leon Gaspard book signing. Future botg planned for Yellowstone and southern Montana. Reluctant to disclose current solutions but always ready to use quotes and logic to determine possible solutions to the clues.


Young boy "Teacher, who wrote the history books?"

Teacher "well the humans of the past, young boy"

Young boy "how do we know they got it right?"

Teacher "because they are adults and adults would never lie about the past to benefit themselves "

Young boy "so what your saying is if one of these historains got it wrong then this history book is just fiction?"

Teacher "no, young boy history is what we say it is and that just how it is"

Young boy "could there be another way to know its true, like something physical they left behind?"

Teacher" well there are archaeologists who dig up things but they just make guesses by what they find"

Young boy "so in the ground is history and I can dig it up? That seems more real then what some guy remembers of the past."

Teacher "no, young boy everything in the history books now will be there for generations to come and its all real and true!"

Young boy "but if I can dig up something that they left behind that might be different then what history says wouldn't that make this history book part fiction?"

Teacher "listing young boy, if you don't remember what is in the history book then you will fail the test!"

Young boy "but what if I don't remember it right? Would I just be remembering what someone else remembered? Seems like a lot could get lost or changed?" but what's in the ground to dig up will never change."

Teacher "you ask too many questions just do and believe what you are told!"

Young boy" I want to be an archaeologists!"

I try and look at the geography in the poem like this:
If I asked a native American directions how to get somewhere a 1000 years ago he would explain using the natural features around, which may very well be valid today and a thousand years from now.

Weekly Words Friday August 26
Dear Forrest Fenn,

If you could only see one of these two things before you pass on what would it be, your special place where you secreted your treasure chest or the chest and it’s contents? I hope my question is not to bold. ~The Count

The Count,
Both the treasure and its hidden location are so vivid in my mind that I don’t need to see them with my eyes again. f

(12-31-1969, 07:00 PM)The Count Wrote: [ -> ]Being rebellious against a teacher is fun just like the difference of the 2 squared and the square root of 2

I'm starting to think the title of this thread is misleading.
If I'm planning a trip to the big sky area, are there any sites that you would recommend me to visit to improve my vacation?

- The Count

From Big Sky head toward West Yellowstone along the Gallatin River and turn right at the junction when you see Hebgen Lake. It’s a nice drive past Quake Lake to Reynolds Pass, turn left there and go by Henry’s Lake in Idaho, and left again to West Yellowstone. It’s a good half a day. Tell the people at the Dude Motel that I said hi. f

I was wondering with you creating your puzzle within you poem, are there any puzzles you do for enjoyment or enertainment ?

-The Count

Nope, just the one. f

(04-25-2017, 02:06 AM)The Count Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting scrapbook title today:

APRIL 2017
Rusted Remnants of History

And how about this:
Billowing clouds of smoke could be seen from as far away as Pike’s Peak.[user]=146416761&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
(04-21-2017, 06:48 PM)The Count Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-21-2017, 06:41 PM)Rich Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-21-2017, 03:45 PM)The Count Wrote: [ -> ]I've been in the Rockies since Monday, the weather is beautiful here. I'm Currently at the front range or known as the eastern slope. The Peak is lightly dusted with snow at 14000 ft.

Long's Peak? I'm surprised the snow is light there. I'm in the mountains north of Santa Fe and the snow is deep at 10,000'. Of course that depends on orientation.

I'm reference pikes peak

In this area specific places are know by names like, the springs, the creek, the peak and, so on....

What about this other pic I took today not far from Yellowstone on a route that Fenn sent me on:

Seems to be very familiar with this:
The ranch contains some of the most beautiful landscapes in America, with house-size rock outcroppings

But the biggest coincidence is that there is a major hint to the evil twin within this scrapbook(pidmt, this just became a moderately difficult puzzle for you)

Maybe Iron Will is right and Fenn trys to communicate with searchers in scrapbooks, nah its just coincidence Wink I'll poabably delete this post soon and hopefully the picture links work.
Here is something I’ve done recently. When ever I’m at a thrift store I look through the used books, some of the books I look for are about the Rockies or other possible chase related resources. I found this fun book called In To The Wilderness, I think I paid a quarter for it. Well at the place I’m at now there is a community laundry mat with a few book shelf’s kinda like take a book and leave a book. So I put a copy of the map from TFTW in this book and left it there. It must of been there half a year before someone found it and took the book. I know that day the chase started for another and in some small way a feel a little responsible for some of the adventures in there future. Next its time to hit the library and make some more copies of the map, maybe I’ll leave a few copies behind at that library ?

I enjoyed my recent trip through southern Montana! I am still what I consider young and I have recently been relieved of my responsibilities. All I have is my truck and a travel trailer, my plan now is to head towards Yellowstone for the summer in the name of adventure. Some part of me wants to get lost in the woods where just maybe, I can find myself spiritually. My question for you now is, if you got another chance to enjoy yellowstone in your youth, is there anything there that you wanted to do but never got the chance to?

-The Count

Count, why don’t you send this to Jenny and see if she wants to post it on her site. Thanks for the question. You might want to tighten your question a little. f

There are many things I want to do now that I didn’t do then. I want to fish every stream, catch every fish, sit under every tree, and hike the mountains I didn’t hike. And I would like to get lost in the Gallatins again. That was the best, but for me now, it’s too far to walk. f

The mayor's desk

I bought a house in my twenties most who know me would of said I couldn't do it. The one who sold me the house just inherited it from his parents when they past, when I looked at it the house it was fully furnished. I fell in love with the house and the son said I could have most of the stuff inside after we agreed on a price. It was very surprising, because to me they were his family heirlooms, but how could I refuse. After I bought the house I discovered his father was a previous mayor of our little mountain town. One item from the house in particular was of great interest to me, it was his desk, couldn't of been more then a hundred years old. The thing that was interesting about the desk was that there was a clear piece of glass ontop and under the glass was old clippings from newspapers and magazines decades old. All mostly sayings and inspirational quotes. I read them often in my studies, one day I decided to clean the desk, and put all of the quotes in a box. The box ended up in the top drawer of the desk for years. One day during a down time in my life I pulled a quote from the box, it made me feel better so I decided to open the box each day, and pull a quote from the box then put it back under the glass to inspire me. A year latter the box was empty and the desk was once again an inspirational thing to behold where most that looked at it spent much time in delight. Sometimes that's how I feel life is, at some point were empty until something comes along to inspire us. Out of all the quotes there's only one I can remember "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" - Satchel Paige

The Count

Call me what you would like just because I don't agree with your interpretation of this subject. I'm not afraid to speak frankly and admit I'm what many would call a poem pupurist and that I take most of the after poem quotes and questions at face value. Plus I'm willing to admit that some chapters are more important than others in finding the chest through understanding the poem with important literature, flywater, and my war for me being in the top 5 (and probably none of TFTW chapters making the top 5 list) and if anyone believes that any chapter holds more information to finding the treasure than gold and more( specifically since the poem is in this chapther) they should reevaluate there solve. Because we all know with 100% certainty that there are 9 clues in gold and more(because of the poem) and no confirmation of which chapter even holding a hint, and I say hint because there's no guarantee that any chapter (besides the gold and more) even holds any indication of where the chest is(which would be a clue), but more so hints in other chapters to understand the poem. I would almost go as far to say the sentence before the poem holds more information in finding the chest or understanding the poem than most of the book(besides the poem).

I'll admit some of this is post is IMO, unlike others that speak as if every thing they say is fact, but some of this post is fact.

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dal on October 14, 2016 at 11:56 am said:
From: dal neitzel
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 10:35 AM
To: Forrest Fenn
Subject: Latest words on Jenny’s site

From Jenny’s Blog today
“I could have written the poem before I hid the treasure chest, but I didn’t. f”

You said before that you hid the chest when you were 79 or 80…
That would have been between August 2009 and August of 2011…
The poem was certainly written when it appeared in the book and on your website in October of 2010
You have also said you worked on the poem for 15 years…

Does all this add up??



Response from Forrest Fenn:
I never was good at math, but that’s the way I remember it. f

1888 map You can find the map listed here:

The Four Corners case nicknamed Cerberus Action

Pic of surveyor chains
Welcome to the chase Count....Enjoy yourself...Don't take criticism too personal...Don't dish out what you can't handle either...A ready wit is welcome and a good laugh is appreciated by most... Smile