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Hello everybody. I figured I should come here and introduce myself first before I start posting all over the place. I'm from Tennessee, and I enjoy long walks on the beach... oops wrong forum Big Grin. Although it says "Newbie Fenner" next to my name, I'm far from that. I've been researching the poem since 2011 and started putting boots on the ground in 2012. So far I've been on two trips out west and plan on making my third and final trip sometime before the end of this year. I've been lurking here (and other sites) for quite a while. The reason I didn't create a profile and post until now is because I didn't want to help somebody else find the treasure. I still don't want to help anybody find it Tongue, but now I know what information I can share and what information I need to keep under my hat. Thanks Stephanie for making this great forum.


Another Tennessean, I think that makes at least 4. Hows that saying go? The south will rise again. Hope your info is better than mine. There's no paddle up my creek, at the moment.
a country boy can survive.have you ever heard that
Welcome to the fray El Jefe. Could be a Tennessean will break this game wide open sooner or later. Best of wishes and luck. Few appear to have had much, but gained great memories in their searches.

Thanks for the welcome everybody. I'm glad to see there are other Tennesseans searching. I thought I was the only one.
Nope there El Jefe, no one is really "alone in here". There is a large family of searchers, sometimes marginally

dis-functional, but on the whole intelligent, articulate, and jovial. I think also, an even larger body of lurkers(for the labelers amongst us) who may be trying to outplay everyone else with no ante and no cards on the table. I like

stud poker, a few showing to keep the game interesting, the betting and raising going, with the joker in the hole

to trump in the end. Have fun, its a game of wits against a formidable master. Oh, lots of luck! You'll need it!