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Full Version: From Out Of The Shadows....
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Until a few days ago, I've been one of those lurkers that seem to be disliked by most here. I've had my reasons for adopting this strategy, one reason being to lessen the footprint left by me in the case that I do recover the treasure. Another reason was to try to keep tabs on others who may be planning their trips around the same "spot" I have picked out. I will say that I never used these blogs to glean information about potential locations, as I picked my favorite spot early on and plan to stay with it to the end.

I do believe my strategy has worked against me though. I have made three quick trips to my spot, thinking that I needed to beat others there, only to get halted for one reason or another. These knee jerk reactions have taken a toll on my funds and my sanity, so I think it's time to adopt a different strategy.

I have a feeling this search is going to end the way it was intended to end, everything happens for a reason, and all the stratifying I try will make no difference in the end. So I've decided to crawl out of the dark recesses and publicly rub elbows with my fellow searchers, and let the chips fall where they may. I've even learned to trust some of you guys a little (trust but verify Wink ), and have shared info with a few members of this blog. Kinda feels good. If I find the treasure, and certain government agencies take all or part of it, so be it. I figure the I.R.S. is looking pretty bad these days anyway, Hey, maybe I can help them cultivate that negative image (hee hee hee).

So, with that said, I'm going to take this hunt one day at a time, try to get on with my daily routine, and wish all of us the best of luck. Although I will not disclose my favorite spot publicly, I am even open to some kind of collaboration (perhaps). Wouldn't it be great if a whole bunch of us got together and retrieved that chest? Now that would really take the Thrill of the Chase up a notch. Good luck to everyone, Boo.
Hi Boo, Curious about your name, how did you decide upon it?
Hi Sparrow. I've always been fascinated by the Boo Radley character from my favorite book. He sits there, watching the world happen in front of him, soaking it all in, then only coming out in public when necessary. I can relate to him, I'm a quiet observer. You can't learn anything while you're talking.

Also, I'm that guy who has the ability to sneak up on people. I get a kick out of watching the look on someone's face after they turn around to see me practically touching them. BOO! lol. I know, kinda mean, but they usually get back at me.

So, I hear you're quite the singer. Yes?