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Full Version: Sid n Charley - Fashionably Late
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I guess I should have introduced myself sooner, but better late than never I suppose. 

My first exposure to the chase was completely coincidental via the Today show back in February.  Since then, my mind has not been able to fully rest from thinking about some aspect of the poem.  Thinking I had solved the clues (with GPS coordinates in hand) I made one trip to search the high desert of Utah prior to Forrest’s (un)timely revelation that the chest was neither there, nor in Idaho.  Since then, I’ve been working feverishly to correctly solve the clues in the poem.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), the way I approach the poem does not lend itself to narrowing down a geographic location until the clues are solved completely. 


My moniker, SidnCharley has reference to a rock formation in Utah’s San Rafael Swell which was the destination of my first search.  Feel free to call me by Sid, Charley, SidnCharley, Brock (my real name) or any other adjective you deem relevant at the time.

I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with a few of you offline and am more than happy to collaborate via email with anyone interested in the chase.  For those that wish to contact me, my email is andtheayeshaveit at gmail dot com.  You’ll come to find that I am much more liberal with my clues and method of solve via email than I am in the forum.

Thanks to all who make this chase so enjoyable and provide a forum for collaboration and, at times, catharsis!
Catharsis? I think I had that procedure done when I was in the hospital.

Welcome Brock. I have travelled through Utah many many times, and I was always struck by its beauty. I was disappointed when Fenn took it out of the running, as I was hoping to get back into some of those beautiful sandstone features. I just hate driving through that entire Salt lake area, it's like one big city that takes nearly two hours to drive through (from north to south).

Take care and good luck. Keep us informed. Boo