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Full Version: I am looking for a person near Taos to listen reason then get the chest
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I need a trust worthy person near Taos to here my solution to the poem ,and if they think it is worthy go get the chest.
Northern NM has so many possibilities, especially Taos area. Going to try to make another trip to Taos second weekend of October to search two more spots. Just curious if I have been to your spot also as this will be my 7th to this region.
yes I have been there but the rain prevented me from checking the precise location. its only about 200 feet from the road and would only take 20 minutes to search. there is a parking lot and campsite .I think my reasoning is undeniable. It is on land leased from a national park.I met the owners and metal detecting is allowed but not needed in this search,everyone there is super laid back.But if you accept this you have to be prepared for the cold.I had it all planned out then the monsoon took over.

I mentioned in your other thread that I am going to try one more trip to NM in a few weeks.
timberwolf, are you willing to give it a peak

Just let me know. It is entirely up to you, but I am willing to get my feet wet and cold. I am checking on one more of my spots and one for someone else as well. But there is always room for anotherSmile
DNAi will email you tomorrow
How much time would you estimate as a peek? I would have half a day to travel and peek. Travel would be maybe 2 hours or so to Taos from my area. Wouldn't mind seeing that area of NM... so yea I have no problem giving it a shot...

outlook dott com, lvswwolves
20 minutes but it would have to be after dark or even better right before dawn
I can only assume that that has something to do with the blaze. You've definitely peeked my interest?!?!
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