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I've been sitting in this shade of the shadow for most of this summer keeping cooler here in Arkansas but now that fall is officially here I think to introduce myself. Bco is simply the first initial of my first name coupled with the first and second letters of my last name. I am post postal, meaning I formerly worked for the USPS. I have also worked as photographer/reporter for country weekly newspapers, albeit eons ago. I am married over half my life, mother of two children, nana to one grandchild. I prefer the term eccentric in describing myself. Happy Fall, ya'll!
Welcome BCO ,

You should feel right at home on the blog , as I think many of us are eccentric in some ways . I know I am , having reached age 70 , I now feel I can be however I want to be . When I was younger I sometimes had to hide the eccentricity and conform outwardly just to get by in life without problems . Good luck in your quest .
Rebel, Thank ya. According to some talkshow host I can't remember his name right now 70 is the new 40. I enjoy marching to the beat of a different drummer now, but like you said it wasn't always the case. In sixth grade, my teacher threatened several in the class with some punishment because we were marching incorrectly. She was one of my better teachers though, she probably didn't recognize back then a physical/learning disability when it stepped on her foot. Had she explained to us lefties that we were stepping out differently, I wouldn't have felt so dumb. The disability however was that I have two left feet Smile Took years to figure that out so I guess that was training for getting to that chest.
Hey there BCO...welcome to the fray...I'm a 64 yo geezer meself. There are more than a few eccentrics in here. It's fun being yourself and having earned the right to be. Sorry about the foots problem, just don't trip over the box and injure yourself, mountain rescue operations can prove expensive. Smile Smile
Welcome BCO from another retired Postal Employee. Lots in common, grandmother of 10, great grandma of 1. Age is just a number and, like Mr. Fenn, we think like we are young. In addition, all this research and reading has got to have a positive effect on keeping the mind exercised.

I am beginning to see a pattern of "people who march to a different drummer" and those who love the "thrill of the chase". Good Luck.
@samsmith even a blind hog finds a acorn every now and then. Now, what did Mr. Fenn say about stumbling? Maybe he just thought he put it where someone wouldn't stumble onto it. Wink

@retired postmaster, grandbabies are grand indeed. congratulations on the newest great one.
I am postal, too. But currently employed. You folks are very lucky and I can only hope I get there as wellSmile
@collaboration DNA, whoa that's a long moniker. How'd you come up with that? Finding that chest will get you here faster I'm guessing. Smile

I worked alone for a long time on this and I was looking for a fresh new take on this poem, I found it and was rejuvenated once again. Hence, a collaboration of my name and theirs.

Yes, I would love to retire but if I find this chest I will favor of a new career.

CDNA,.. finding this chest will in fact give you a new career.

But not like you expected.
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