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Full Version: What's better sale an idea or encourage an idea?
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When I lived in the Rockies I printed out dozens of the maps from TFTW and would give them out to friends and co-workers for fun. Some where so amazed by what looked like a treasure map they where willing to make deals just for a copy. First I stated low, 10% of what they find. Then I used my skills to see how much I could get from then (all of this for fun, I would haggle at Wal-Mart if they would let me) I moved up and up until I got someone to agree for 25% of there take. Not all were willing to deal and they got a map after the negotiation regardless of the deal. Other times I would leave the map in places I know people would find them like post offices, sidewalks, geocaches, old abandon attics or basements, and restrooms. Often I think of the adventures some may of had that found a map of Fenn’s that left behind or even maybe the Finder might be one of them. All of these were fun adventures I had without even searching for the chest.


Best to sell a book on how to sell books about the treasure. Works well in real estate. Wanna start a "Seminar on how to find the fenn treasure" coming soon to an event near you. Just playing with ya!


give a man a fish or teach a man to fish




The best things in life are free. But sometimes, you get what you pay for.