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Full Version: Started This Month
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Hello all, so I got Fenns poem sent to me the other day and curiosity got the best of me and I spent 4 hours on the poem and came up with what I knew was the solution. Went out there and no luck, came back and moved about 3500 ft East and now I'm positive again. If this isn't it I don't know where it could be. So I was wrong the first time on the blaze and now I've for sure found it. But again, nothing is sure until you have the treasure in your hands. I'll update by July5th 2016.

Welcome to Chasechat. You do know that we've heard something like this many times, so you'll find a lot of friendly folks who are more than willing to cook you a dish of crow.
Yeah, like old drum said...Best of luck to you though DK...We expect you'll be back making excuses here soon enough...Happens all the time... Smile
Interesting name, since the home of Brown was obvious the blaze can be tricky huh.
Good luck
Lol, Yeah, the more I look, the more I realize that so many others have come with the same confidence. If I'm not right after July 5th than I won't have any excuses. I'll just be one other fooled by ole' Fenn. Destined to travel this earth without a big box of treasure. When I found the HOB I was truly excited and everything makes sense from the poem. It's crazy that others have felt this same confidence because if Forrest didn't hide the treasure where I'm gonna go look then I think I found a better spot to match the poem lol. Well, I appreciate the welcome and hopefully we won't need this site in a month Wink

Well, no excuses. I didn't find it but I will say I am still 99% sure I found the blaze. I'm going back in a week to check my last step and again if I don't find it, I just got out smarted. I haven't changed any of my path and again I'm 99% sure I know where to start and where to get the blaze. I'll post an update next week. I may post my solve if I don't find it becasue there's only one spot it could be and if noty there, I have no where else to look.
lol, thank mountain digger. Yeah, I'm betting third times a charm. Believe me, this solve is really good. Like I said, if I don't find it I may share it to see what you guys think of it.
Don't give up hope! I've only taken two trips out. I've heard of people who have done dozens of trips. Hopefully somebody finds it soon, so we can have closure.

Good luck!
I have a question, Why is it everywhere I look everyone is looking for the home of Brown or the Blaze. I started with what I thought to be the 1st and 2nd clue and went out into the wild. everything else just fell into place. I am starting to think I am doing something wrong, I haven't found it either but I figured a person would know all the clues as you are following the poem from the beginning.